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I really enjoy the idea of a new Solo PVM Challenge However I do not believe having a whole new cape Idea is the route to go, here are a few of my suggestions;

The Beast (Jad V2) has been cornered into the inferno by the local tzhaar and requires the adventurer to go slay it, Upon killing the beast you receive some form of degradable additive that could be linked to Runescape lore that unlocks the "Flow of the Lava" in your fire cape and allows it to upgrade to an infernal cape for a significant time.

The New armor could be catered more to skilling then combat, the tzhaar are supposed to be skilled craftsmen? maybe the armor could have a chance of boosting exp gained similar to the clay tools from stealing creations?

As this update is seen as the "Top tier" PVM CHALLENGE perhaps similar to god-wars dungeon there could be skill requirements to even reach the inferno such as 80ish agility to attempt to scale a cliff side or rune-crafting to bind lava runes into walk-able platforms across a lava river to reach the inferno

I feel some of these suggestions help the content cater to the higher leveled community while opening up an interesting area that could lead to future lore development or a possible zeah "master" diary?

ps: would be ecstatic to see our zeah favour levels being a requirement to attempt this boss

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Mage and range have also gotten a lot of armor and off-hand bonuses as compared to melee armor. I don't think this is a bad thing, I just don't think mage and range have been neglected as many in the community feel. I think the developers have done a great job introducing end game gear (and content as a whole) for all styles of combat.

Have they?

Or have they simply gotten what melee has?

Wards? Melee has had defenders for years.

What armor? The only armor addition is Ancestral, which is the equivalent to what melee and range has had for years. Eternal boots, tormented bracelet, anquish? Yeah..melee got the equivalents of them too.

You're right about range, but mage? Not so much. Our variety is still crap, especially in PvP. We've been limited to SotD going on three years now. Melee and range gets things like claws and ballista while we get a wand with stats copypasted from SotD.
OSRS Mage Tank.

Believe magic to only be for support? Think again. It's as much of a combat skill as melee and range is.

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i really like the idea of the the armours from the Kahlith Monsters it will bring some more varirity of the existing thzaar weapons.

but for the cape i woud adjust the stats to +6str bonus and +6 pray because if we add to much strenght bonus woud not really be that great for the game and also we already had lots of upgrades in strenght bonusses for old school.

and i really like to see a weapon like Toktz-mej-tal be usefull in the game to get some magic varirity so some magic gear from Kahlith Monsters woud also be a great potential for this.

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Absolutely not. Do not devalue the fire cape or any other current BIS gear. Oldschool is selling out to the worst players of all time. D claws was already a no no. Again, do NOT devalue the fire cape. I will not stand for any more BIS gears to become "not good enough noob"

15-Mar-2017 22:06:33

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