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TE Linknavi
Sep Member 2014

TE Linknavi

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My thoughts

-Infernal Cape should be better in all areas of the fire cape, so plus the prayer stats on that don't take away
-I like the melee armor somewhat?? only if you release some range armor with that then will pass poll
-lava eels always need food so good
-the thieving good profit but 90 requirements?? if so high should have onyz gems as a pickpocket too a slim chance
-as far as the new infernal minigame 2 things, 1 either make it 32 waves full which is half of the fight caves? and much harder of course, or same length and slightly harder.

I rest my case long live Jagex and OSETERNITY

15-Mar-2017 22:46:20



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p0w3r zerk said:
ugh more meleescape.....

where are the new magic spells, magic special attacks/ storm of armadyl.

Precisely. This would have been a perfect opportunity for a Tzhaar spell or something, but apparently 6 (!!!!!!) weapons within a year and a half isn't good enough for melee so now they apparently need more str, more mage def and more attack bonuses.

1co said:
10% melee bonus for Obsidian weapons only? Oh cmon who would use obsidian weapons these times? Another completely useless improvement...

Oh and the armor? Mod Kieren specifically mentioned that it's meant for PvP variety. And I quote:

"Its primary aim is to be useful in PvP and offer up some more variety."

Just as d claws were specifically put into the game for 60 atk pures, this is being proposed for obby tanks. How many more updates will melee get in the name of "pvp variety" before mage gets a single one?
OSRS Mage Tank.

Believe magic to only be for support? Think again. It's as much of a combat skill as melee and range is.

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Looks fun! The infernal cape seems like great content. I believe it should be able to be attached to a max cape too, while having the beneficial effects of both capes combined. (not the stats added together, just the best of both, and the perks of the max cape).


The experience provided by Kahlith pickpocketing will be lower greater than those of Ardougne knights, but and will provide greater profit per hour.

Fishing Infernal eels in Brimstone would provide roughly 35,000 43,000 Fishing experience per hour.

Fixed that little typo for ya.

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Nac Nak13
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Nac Nak13

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The cape needs a prayer bonus or I'll almost never use it. In RS2 before I had a comp cape and before EoC , I used SW cape over the firecape anywhere that I used prayer, also why is it strictly a melee cape? It'd be nice if it maybe had a small range and mage bonus as well.

As far as the new armour goes, it seems somewhat pointless, I thought it was going to have some attack bonuses, which would have made it unique in that sense at least.

Are we going to get new shops that use tokkul btw? I think it'd be nice alongside the tokkul drops from the new fishing and thieving.

16-Mar-2017 02:14:11

Herr Void
Dec Member 2017

Herr Void

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I like it, but I feel like there's more room with the fire cape v2. What if instead of JUST a Melee cape, we have a cape for each of Melee, Ranged, and Magic, whichever one is granted being determined by whatever part of the combat triangle you use to kill TzKal-Zuk? The BiS for all three styles hasn't been improved for the cape slot since Animal Magnetism.

Also, I agree fully with reducing the prayer. Everyone saying it shouldn't lose prayer, or god forbid, gain it, doesn't understand the idea of using trade-offs to balance more specialized gameplay elements.

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Kolo Blicin
Feb Member 2016

Kolo Blicin

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I'd like to see the boss drop scales/claws/teeth/ etc and we ADD those to either a fire cape, range cape/avas, or god cape/mage cape (replace the range and mage items with any you want). The added boss drop would buff the chosen cape/item.

I know some won't like this, but perhaps the boss drop degrades off the buffed item like barrows degrades. This would mean you would have to kill the new boss on a regular basis.

16-Mar-2017 03:38:14

Hot Choccy
Mar Member 2016

Hot Choccy

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How could anyone vote no to this? This is a great idea for a new update, as it provides a nice challenge with a good incentive. +4 strength bonus on top of the original fire cape really isn't much, so I have no idea why people are complaining. I bet the majority of people who are complaining can't even kill regular Jad, and are afraid of the slow upwards creep in best in slot gear that may provide goals that players can strive for.

And to the guy who said "meleescape", and "where are the new magic spells/spec attacks and storm of arma", I do hope you are joking LOLOLOLOL. How could you HONESTLY want storm of armadyl over a new best in slot cape that has good balancing and trade-offs (such as the prayer bonus being 0)? Without higher tier armour/defensive gear, there is no reason to introduce a spell like storm of armadyl or areas of the game such as PvP will just become unbalanced.

Lastly, I would like to make a suggestion. Could the old TokHaar-Kal model could be used for the new cape? It looks beautiful and I would frame it on my wall if I didn't already have 20 posters of Mod Ash hanging up.

16-Mar-2017 04:16:00

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The Armour should be T 80 .. with better stats .. would be degradable can be repaired with tokkul and certain lava shards.. ( high lvl mini bosses )

New Lava weapon rapier ( ToKet Zuk ) 6 speed. T 80 would be a gamble reward from the boss very rare.. degradeable recharged with lava shards and tokkul... Special none..

Inferno cape .. looks good as is =}

considering this is a new area.. how theirs fight pits... their could be a mini game kinda like soul wars where we get tokkul rewards - special Toket rewards.. how pc has void ...and points can be turned in for skilling skills and prayer. ( wouldn't be the best way to lvl the skills but if you dont like to skill would be a good alt.

16-Mar-2017 04:25:30

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