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De Rek
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De Rek

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Adding a new cape is unnecessary as well as the mid tier armor mimicking Bandos. Say goodbye to fighter torso and barbarian assault minigame. We already have enough strength boosting equipment. This is turning old school game play slowly into RS3. This is no different than the fight kiln. And nobody uses obsidian weaponry with all the other weapons that have been released. Gonna have to vote no on this one.

How about a cape for range or mage that provides powerful attack bonuses, or maybe a cape like the Nomads Requiem reward with high prayer bonus instead?

16-Mar-2017 17:28:04

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I think it would be interesting to continue on the theme of the beings forming themselves. Once you complete the Inferno, you get a piece of something (whatever they are made out of) and you can shape it to whatever you want (permanently). You could choose from a melee style cape (original idea, changed stats maybe), a backpack (range), or a cloak (mage). These would all be best in slot, but would have to be shaped from completing a separate inferno battle. You shouldn't be able to transform it from piece to piece.

16-Mar-2017 17:52:30



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I especially like the Kahnlith armor because it would be a nice addition to low/mid lvl PKing. The Obby Maul Tank.

I would like the fight cave in game. Hopefully it has a lower quantity of waves but more challenging from round 1.

I think there should be a range and mage equivalent to the cape too if it is added.

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yo itz ep

yo itz ep

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I like some of this content.

It would be better to move the content to tzhaar city and if this is not possible to make atleast a shortcut from tzhaar city to the inferno area.

As for the fishing update:
I'd like to see more fishing xp/hr. But tbh I'd like to see this for more fishing methods. The fishing experience and catch rate for member fish is absolutely terrible imo. I therefore mostly trained my fishing in f2p till now.

Also the oily fishing rod is currently untradeable and should be made tradeable. It doesn't say what kind of bait is used to catch the eels ,just regular Bait?

The new best cape should have pray stats equivalent or higher than the fire cape. I probably wont get one but still looks nice. maybe give the new boss an upgrade kit for ava accumulator or mage cape?

For the new armour, i have no use, but i think the def lvl should be like 40 or something.
The new thieving option should probably also be better xp and/or greater rewards.
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16-Mar-2017 18:57:03



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WayTooPosted said:
Wards complemented the defender.

Imbued heart (
You mean that item which increases mage level and damage of trident? Yeah, melee has the equivalent of that's called a combat potion and is a few dozen mil cheaper.
) and twisted buckler (
Which is a range item.
) were two items that came to mind along with the Kodai robes (
Good update, but it shoud've been released with GWD
) and Kodai wand for auto-casting ancients
And the autocast is the only thing it has going for it. Melee gets things like claws and elder maul while we get a glorified training weapon.

You have to remember that mage has a whole arsenal of spells (and spell books) that melee and range don't have. (
How many of those are actually useful? And how many are useful for mage only?
So what you may lack in different staffs, you make up for in the variety of offensive spells you get.(
I wish. Unfortunately only Z flames is viable and even with the aid of melee or range, we still only have shadow, blood or ice barrages that are viable. (And mostly ice since opponents get annoyed and leave if shadow/blood is used too frequently.) PvM isn't much better, especially given mage's limited uses there-Trident, ice burst/barrage and firewave or Z flames...the later two which are only useful to those who haven't yet maxed their mage skill.
OSRS Mage Tank.

Believe magic to only be for support? Think again. It's as much of a combat skill as melee and range is.

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Mister Mime
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Mister Mime

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I'll vote yes to everything except the thieving question - it should provide the best xp per hour for Thieving, which will increase traffic to the new area. Right now Zeah is a bit of a wasteland - there are few real incentives for players to visit. And there are only two reasons why players gather in a place - unique quests/miniquests or best xp-/gp-per-hour.

17-Mar-2017 00:22:55



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Brand new areas and bosses are always really exciting and chances are I will probably vote yes to most if not all of the poll options.

However, after reading a lot of other comments I would like to give support to a couple critiques.
1. I don't like how well Trout and Salmon keep up with higher level fishing methods in terms of xp/hr since they're such low level, so it might be nice for the new method to have a higher rate than that which is proposed.
2. People have also pointed out that the "cape" slots for mage and especially range don't seem to get as much attention as melee and so maybe there's some way those slots could be incorporated into this content, whether it be that several different capes are offered as rewards or the proposed cape gets range and mage bonuses. Perhaps the Inferno is not the place for mage and range items and that can be fulfilled somewhere else later, but I would at least like to throw this out there.
3. And lastly, if more armor, especially melee armor, is added I would like to see it be degradable to the point that is it destroyed and out of the game after a certain amount of use. I think this would help it keep its value for much longer than it otherwise might. (Perhaps it cools and becomes more brittle after being taken away from the volcano and eventually crumbles.) The tendency for armor drops from monsters to continually fall in price discourages me (barrows, dragon chain, Sara Sword, etc.). I think the game generally needs more item sinks.

17-Mar-2017 04:58:38

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Not another fight cave! :(

I say no if the challenge is to push through 80 waves of nonsense. Otherwise PvM challenges are always welcome :)

I'd love to see more middle tier ranged / mage armors and weapons and adding more proper content to Zeah only makes it more alive and that's what I want to see.

17-Mar-2017 10:13:51

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