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Death Vision said:
@Mod Ash, thank you for response, my question has been served

Request II.

1# any consideration on on null-fying the botting situation on oak logs in varrock?, as well as the dramatic price decrease on skiller's main source of income-Maple,Yew,Magic Logs, which has caused major decrease on oak planks, and teak planks for construction skill tree?

2# Can we expect more communication on non-polled content at leu of an introduction rather than a "here is an update for you all"

3# Can we please do something about that old man and other unnecessary random events interrupted Slayer, Gwd and Zulrah fights?
"slight biasm, but we all can agree only Genie is best random event"

4# Do you like coffee? Because I would like to see it as an item included in runescape, hat act's as a mini stamina potion that can only be bought from tea stalls or stolen

5# we need increase inventory on culimancer chest , 10 grapes but 50 chocolates is hardly balancing, this will prevent less frequent hoppers and more consistant grape prices( suggesting 25 grapes vs the current 10.)

6#I like Legendary Quest, but the rewards don't like us, let's make more content for the guild?

7# Draconic Visage needs an increase rarity on skeleton wyverns , but also increase drop rate on Olm, and KBD (suggest 1/12500 Skeleton wyverns, and 1/250 KBD, 1/100 OLM to prevent afk botting, Players just reaching 72 slayer, then never doing anything else for 2 months . also Price shld be cut by 1m to balance Dragon Fire Shield.

I like it, can please stop messenge spam at nieve cave when u have auto retaliate and already finish your task?

16-Mar-2017 12:11:33

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