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Mimic Angel
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Mimic Angel

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QOL: Can we trade colors of spice with Doris? I feel like Evil Dave's mom would appreciate the spices not wanted just left on the ground.

Oh and the Farming cape should prevent all patches from disease. I'm tired of dead Avantoes at 99 farming. O_o

17-Mar-2017 22:07:40



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The bounty hunter teleport update:

Some ironman went out of their way to get the BH tele to make air orbs a little faster(400->~650 an hour or something). First of all getting that teleport is a pain, and getting the person you want as a target is tough as well.

Of all 'air orb chargers', 95% are pure bots combat 40-50 with 90+ magic. Some of the legit made perfect use of the system to make them a little faster. It's still shit money per hour, shit exp/h, so was it worth fixing because "it was not supposed to do that"? Maybe yes..

But please, it's way more important to find a proper way to get rid of the bots that overrun that place that influence the Air orb supply, than the hand full of people who were smart enough to figure out a better way to get the air orbs, which most likely didn't even influence the supply because they were ironman.

Thanks for reading, I hope that you can get my point. RIP BH tele, and maybe we will see you again

18-Mar-2017 09:51:13

SFU Aquarius

SFU Aquarius

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I need to know when the DMM Tournament starts because time is everything. I want to log in the very second it starts @Mod Ash @Jagex @Mod Ronan Soo it's been like 2 hours and no reply.

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