In-game Name Changes & Sorting

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Kamran said:
Some nice updates, but can you work on the official client a bit? Add some features such as ranks next to peoples names, make it open scaled properly?

A lot of that would require more game engine work than we can offer at the moment. As you might imagine, if we'd spent the last 4 years doing client updates, we'd have a lot more client updates... but no other updates would have come out. We do what we can.

23-Mar-2017 15:57:33



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literally a perfect addition to the name changes and well needed.. personally not due a change until about 28 days or so from now (RIP) but i'm already checking names to see whats available :P epic update, love it.

23-Mar-2017 19:54:17

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Xoprobe said:
Why are you working on inferno bull when it hasn't even been polled yet?

Kinda seems like your trying to shove lame content down our throats. That can't be it ^_^

It's just to give the community a general idea what the content will involve and what it'll look like. So that way, votes are more accurate. Otherwise players will not know what the content is, and will most likely vote no.
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26-Mar-2017 12:53:17

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