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Warrior said:

It's just to give the community a general idea what the content will involve and what it'll look like. So that way, votes are more accurate. Otherwise players will not know what the content is, and will most likely vote no.

Most certainly is this. I don't see why people can't see it this way :P


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27-Mar-2017 12:44:25



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You know, I don't know who anyone on my friends list is because everyone changes their name so often? Now this makes it even easier? Can we please be able to add a note to friends on our friends list so we can write "Steve" or "PreviousName21" for our friend "CoolName21?"

Ideally, this would pop up within the same box that pops up for "previous name:" on people who have changed their name. The problem with the current feature is that I can't keep up with people who change their name frequently because it only shows their last name.

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I like the idea of adding a note to whoever is on your friends/ignore list, would also like to be able to make sorting able for lists where there are more than 200 players on :)

03-Apr-2017 06:47:05

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