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This thread is for the purposes of discussion. See the Fossil Island developer blog here.

Changelog (updated 18/04/2017)

  • There will be two tiers of wyvern. Those already listed at slayer level 66, and ancient wyverns at slayer level 82.
  • The ancient wyverns will be the only ones to drop the Ancient Wyvern Visage.
  • The Ancient Wyvern Shield melee attack stats are now all -10 and the magic attack lowered to 15. The shield has limited protection from dragonfire attacks, as well as the immunity to the wyvern freeze attacks.
  • Granite boots have +8 ranged defence and will weigh more than rune or dragon boots
  • Unique granite drops will be rarer from normal wyverns than Ancient ones.
  • Compost potion moved to level 21 herblore
  • XP rates from the Volcanic mine have been slightly reduced and levels of engagement made clearer
  • XP rates for dual skilling methods have been clarified
  • Clarified hunted herb monster's mechanics.
  • Clarified hardwood growth and XP
  • Clarified birdhouse mechanics and XP
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    Looks good. I like that there will be a completionist element in and around it. Biased, of course. Great that it will have a quest as well, can't wait.
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    Thank you so much for adding it with a quest.

    Wyverns should have a higher slayer level requirement, honestly being below their skeletal form seems a bit off.

    Also the Wyvern shield definitely needs to be nerfed offensive wise, it makes sense to make it the more tanky magic shield (to match the DFS) but it shouldn't be that close to the Arcane.

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    New Wyvern Hype!

    Can the skeletal wyvern slayer task be changed to just wyverns? So players can choose to either kill skeletal or ancient wyverns on their slayer task rather then splitting them up
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    I suggest making the XP gap bigger between 85 and 99. 60k for 85 sounds more reasonable.

    Also, that shield is way too OP. Ridiculous.
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    The level required to kill the wyverns concerns me, and I believe it should be higher. Somewhere in the 80s. My reasoning is that you get addy boots from lvl 75 Gargoyles, and rune boots from lvl 80 Nechs. Why would a lvl 66 slayer creature drop granite boots that are better then both? That's not including all the other good drops it has. Putting the slayer requirement around 81 or 82 would keep it consistent, and put it before Spiritual Mages at lvl 83 that drop the dragon boots.

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