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Changelog (updated 18/04/2017)

  • There will be two tiers of wyvern. Those already listed at slayer level 66, and ancient wyverns at slayer level 82.
  • The ancient wyverns will be the only ones to drop the Ancient Wyvern Visage.
  • The Ancient Wyvern Shield melee attack stats are now all -10 and the magic attack lowered to 15. The shield has limited protection from dragonfire attacks, as well as the immunity to the wyvern freeze attacks.
  • Granite boots have +8 ranged defence and will weigh more than rune or dragon boots
  • Unique granite drops will be rarer from normal wyverns than Ancient ones.
  • Compost potion moved to level 21 herblore
  • XP rates from the Volcanic mine have been slightly reduced and levels of engagement made clearer
  • XP rates for dual skilling methods have been clarified
  • Clarified hunted herb monster's mechanics.
  • Clarified hardwood growth and XP
  • Clarified birdhouse mechanics and XP
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