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Mad Migraine

Mad Migraine

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Mod Maz said:
Cmb Lvl 3 said:
Is this content going to be skiller friendly?

I seen the 155 kudos requirement for Volcanic mine, right now there are a max of 153? So I assume more will be getting added. Are they gonna have combat requirements that will not allow me to participate?

Combat requirements, no. You might want to have some hp and food to survive tho. Floor is lava afterall.

Floor is lava xD xD my bloody sides !!1

@ Pooboy,

I didn't know that. Thank you for the insight.

It sounds to me like a nerf was due some time ago. Shame.

@ Sabrage,


@ Cedthedevil,

You would think that, but... This is Jagex we're dealing with.

19-Aug-2017 19:58:56

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