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Oldschool team

Ancient Wyverns

For the Wyverns there must be a balance. As far of the Slayer requirement ( 66 ) this is a little bit too low, reason why ; the skeletal wyverns require level 72 Slayer in order to kill. Ancient wyverns should also come with a higher Slayer requirement ( 77 ) would be more appropriate. You don't want to make this area accesible for everyone or this place will be packed with bots, and thats something we definitely don't want in Oldschool. My suggestion is to to have a high Agility level ( 85 ) in order to enter the caverns. I'm ok with all the lootations from these Ancient wyverns, looks cool.

The Volcanic Mine

We all know how succesfull Wintertodt was and still is so i'm sure this will also be something the majority of the people love to see in-game. The experience rates seems good, but maybe have some kind of bonus for the people that have achieved 99 Mining so there is noticeable difference.

Skilling on Fossil Island

I like this, its cool and simple, well done.

Under Water

This is amazing, alot of stuff going on here thats well organised. New training methods in a variety of skills is always a good thing but we don't want the current ways of training be completely dominated by this. I really like this cause its very unique and not something we've seen before in terms of skilling. I'm looking forward to the stream tomorow, gonna be lots of fun.

Thanks for this, can't wait to see all of this into the live-game, i'm happy :)

- Stab
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12-Apr-2017 17:57:17

Rising Two
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Rising Two

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Just a heads up: The Jmods are currently responding to a lot of questions about this content on reddit at the moment.

Here's a few highlights:


"They're not as high level as skeletals, so the slayer require
ment is less."
in response to "Slayer req for wyverns should be higher imo..."

"Nope, skeletals are the more powerful wyverns."
in response to "Slayer requirement should definitely get an increase. "

MiningdodtMining Minigame

"The highest xp rates will only be possible at 99 mining, tick-manipulation has very low level requirements and is better. If the xp rates are not well received, it can always be revised."

You won't be afk'ing within the mine, you'll need to be paying attention


"Thanks for this comment. You are entirely correct. Fossil Island is not meant to be a high level exclusive update."

New Shield

"Would it function as an antifire shield like the dfs?"

"Would it function as an elemental shield against the skeletal wyverns?"


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Sounds very good update!
- Shouldn't the wyvern slayer level be around 81-82 between dragon boots and rune boots?
as it drops granite boots which should be higher than nechryaels.
- why does the shield give negative range bonus? DFS gives defence across the board and has + 10 mage defence even though its melee gear. It should be consistent with the DFS.
people shouldn't be afraid increasing defence since defence is a lot worst than offence stats.

12-Apr-2017 18:06:29

Will T
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Will T

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+18 magic attack bonus on the shield seems a bit too OP, not to mention it will devalue the Arcane Spirit Shield. The slayer requirement for the new Wyverns should also be in the 80s I'm not growing up, I'm just burning out.

12-Apr-2017 18:14:45



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Much of this looks like xp for the sake of xp. Is this the way skilling "content" is going to be from now on?

The wyvern shield needs higher range defense and lower mage attack. You don't just make the BIS defensive shields almost as accurate as the BIS dps shield. Given that range is about as accurate as mage is with rigour, you also don't just add a defensive item with negative range defense. That's completely unreasonable.

I'd say lowering the mage attack to somewhere around +10-14 and buffing the range defense to somewhere around +25-30 would be reasonable.

Other then that, it'd be a meaningful mage update which is rare given how much attention melee and range gets. It doesn't address the PvP variety issues with the skill, but at least it's something.
OSRS Mage Tank.

Believe magic to only be for support? Think again. It's as much of a combat skill as melee and range is.

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This is a great update, especially the new mining content that has been added, and the exp rates for the mining content are perfect and will add a lot of interest to the skill that was previously tiresome.

12-Apr-2017 18:27:44

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DO NOT, I repeat: DO NOT ADD PASSIVE XP AND SETTING TRAPS TO COME CHECK LATER LIKE FARMING!!!! It is a completely awful to simply set up a trap and come check it like yourfarming! Make it intensive and don't add xp like hunter/fish/agility all together, that's completely insane, it is like barb fishing. You think your cutting xp rates slower but it will actually reduce time to max by a ton if you gain xp in multiple skills.

Edit: why would you make freaking a stronger boots at level 66slayer than at 80 slayer????????
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Laze Knight
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Laze Knight

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This entire update seems incredible and no doubt a lot of work and planning has gone into it.

My only worry regards the mining group skilling activity. With Wintertodt, there wasn't a worry that it would cause dead content because firemaking didn't exactly have a large impact on the world. Mining, however, has many locations in the world and I worry the new activity would leave them dead, especially due to much higher experience rates. Would anyone go to Motherlode Mine once they receive the Prospector's outfit, for example?

12-Apr-2017 18:59:46

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