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I know you worked really hard on this Maz, but I'm extremely disappointed with what you've done to Hunter.

I offered you some incredible content like White Salamanders and Barehanded Butterflies and instead we got something entirely different... Bird houses.

I also proposed a Redwood tree farming patch, and instead we get teak and mahogany (which isn't a problem, but it was one of the suggestions you took on board when you were collecting ideas)

This high-effort mining content also fills no niche. It's giving similar XP rates to Blast Mining. What I proposed was simple: an AFK mining method called Concentrated Ores, containing Silver, Coal and Gold.
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Samuel VII

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@RS Hayden
I'm not sure if it's "instead" - on Reddit Maz says they are also implementing TONS of user created content for skills:

User asked: "In the skilling section it mentions 'just a few are detailed below' does this mean there is other planned content not in the Dev Blog?"
Maz: "We have SO many ideas, both player submitted and staff submitted that there's too many to list. And far too many to code in the time we have. But I will do the best I can to get as many done as possible!"

Perhaps you play OS for XP only (???) I see more. This "no XP waste" attitude is exactly why RuneScape community activities like "House Parties" are now only access to an alter. Where all inside follow a straight line like ants.

People should enjoy new areas. WITHOUT endless inflation of all mechanics, markets, profit over drops & an additional new max bonus. Smh.

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Wyverns I'm worried about these because I don't really want another generic easy slayer monster. I would prefer a harder slayer monster with new mechanics like Demonic Gorillas and level 66 seems like a low level for this type of monster. The attack animations designed on stream looked really cool and not something a weak level 66 slayer monster would have. Also what are the normal drops going to be like? Also by increasing the slayer level/difficulty of wyverns and having the shield have a high rarity (1/10k please) it will make sure that other shields don't drop in price to much. New Interactive Skilling Please make these activities actually interactive and rewarding not just dead content or afk xp power-creep. Hardwood Trees You should probably show the amount of xp these give. [b] New Interactive Skilling[/b] Please make these activities actually interactive and rewarding not just dead content or afk xp power-creep. [b]Hardwood Trees[/b] You should probably show the amount of xp these give. [b]

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Inept at RS

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Shouldn't the new wyvern shield match the stats of the Twisted Buckler? Also, 80+ slayer for the new Wyverns seems reasonable. Furthermore, make the magic req to create the shield consistent to the level required to equip it?

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Giddy Cowboy
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Giddy Cowboy

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To sum up the ideas:

Fossil island should be part of Zeah. I believe most people would agree with me here from what I've read so far in the comments.

I think it extremely disrespectful to not be open-minded to the Runescape community with a response along the lines of, "Nope. Skeletal Wyverns are higher leveled than Ancient Wyverns".

How about you listen to what the community is telling you, and simply raise the level of Ancient Wyverns higher than that of Skeletal Wyverns, so that the slayer level required to kill them would fall around level 82.

The new shield would definitely be too overpowered. Why should a monster that is going to be relatively easy to kill, drop an item that is nearly on par with a monster that is often killed in teams due to its difficulty.

My suggestions:

How about the introduction of granite items be dropped, and have no slayer level requirement to kill them. The biggest problem is the slayer level is too low for them to drop granite boots, so just eliminate it entirely. The people who want to try and get the visage can go for it. Also the Dragonfire shield makes sense, that it will make killing dragons easier, who the (pardon my language) f*** is going to be maging wyverns?

Obviously a large percentage of the community is having problems grasping parts of the new content, so listen to what the community is saying. Please.

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Naturally Me
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Naturally Me

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Xeve said:
For one, why did you guys decide on making a new island that is in an area that NO ONE had been asking for? It's been almost 2 years since Zeah came out and we still aren't close to done with it. The main dev time this year could have gone towards finishing the island of Zeah instead of creating a completely new island. Couldn't this update have been something that filled in the missing spots on Zeah?

Why can't the OSRS-dev team do both? The mystery about the expedition plans from the varrock museum and the ship that some NPCs are building near the digsite is something that has puzzled many people over the years, and makes a good foundation for a quest.

Xeve said:
The sword is pointless besides introducing a granite weapon to finish the set. It will be used as a main weapon by <1% of the population. The shield is a good idea but its too close to arcane/malediction. It needs to be a more specific use type of item.

A good 50 attack 5 tick weapon could turn out to be useful for 50 attack pures to train with. Its high slash bonuses which is neccesary for such a low attack build to not hit 0s all day. Most players won't use it obiviously, but it's nice to see some variety for those people that do. Every update doesn't have to release BIS items constantly. The wyvern shield and arcane have different uses if you look at their defensive stats. Arcane has range def, whilst the wyvern shield has melee def. In melee only scenarios, the wyvern shield would prove useful and in range scenarios the arcane would be much better. It's also important to keep in mind that the wyvern shield is supposed to be a mid-tier between Mages' book and Arcane, and that the Arcane will remain the stronger shield.

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Samuel VII

Samuel VII

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I really do not think Fossil Island should be any part of Zeah.

Fossil Island has been an idea for RuneScape for a decade, it's as independent an update as Zeah.

I really would like to see it as it was initially intended. Not mixing Zeah lore in to fill in for any of Zeah's shortcomings. In fact, my main issue with Zeah is the sheer THICKNESS OF THE WALLS and the fact that houses are all WAY TOO MASSIVE. It's so difficult to navigate and not at all cohesive with the other 75% of OSRS. I do not want Fossil Island to be a part of Zeah.

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Just Impu

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Please for the love of god... DO NOT put an easy-scape mining mini game into RS. "comparable to the best methods in game" my butt. This is nearing 3 tick granite mining. If you are going to put this in the game(which would ruin mining) as is, at least make the exp rates a hell of a lot less. Motherlode Mine at lv95+ is AT BEST 50k an hour and thats paying attention fully. Blast mining (which you shouldn't have done either) is at best 70k an hr and is massively click intensive.
You already have the mining outfit, you already have several different ways to mine.

If you add this, maybe do exp rates at like
lv 50: 10-15k an hr
lv 85: 30-50k an hr
lv 99: 55-60k an hr
sticking to the lower exp end

Also... You need to slow down on the exp rates and power creeping. Look how EOC came to be(which is the whole reason osrs exsists).
Exp rates WAY too high. Weapons starting to one shot everything. How to fix it? A new combat system! <-- What this is starting to look like. (and yes i've been around longer than any member of the oldschool team, i've watched it all)

Heres how the convo. should go. in your meetings or whatever you guys have.
I mean have we even thought of what doing this to mining will do?
"doing this will give mining a more enjoyable experience blah blah" No! No... doing this will ruin the prices of ores and bars and items etc etc.
"but what if we made it so they can't get ores or bars but other 'items'?" Still no...The more people at 85+ the worse it's going to get(reference terribly high exp rates).
"ok we will lower the exp rates, below current rates, since it is a more enjoyable way to mine anyway and give the players new items to gather" -BINGO! This would be the best case scenario. See? a bit of common sense... some logic and BAM! you can make an update that allows players to train (at the same speed as ALWAYS!) and make it enjoyabl

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