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DM Volcom
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DM Volcom

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Hello and Im so sorry! This isnt about the slayer post, But this is about LMS. I am a DMM\LMS player only. And there are many of us! The problem is that LMS is dead and you guys are doing nothing about it :\ And since you are not, I have some ideas that could get implemented if you guys dont mind me sharing.

- 24 people to start competetive just like casual
- HS weekends should be more often so LMS can stay active.
- Introduce a point shop just like edgeville w18 has. Winner and second should get pts, and save up to buy something similar to the ones w18 has, this applies to Casual mode.
- introduce maybe a new, bigger or smaller map to revive the minigame.
- introduce new weapons of better tiers, not too great, but as in example: Rune Crossbows, godcapes\firecapes.
-Introduce a bundle, which should randomize which map you will get, Either you get the island, or another new map which has better weapons\defensive gear etc.

Sorry i wrote this here but i had no other place as im not familiar with the forums. Feel free to move this to anywhere, but if something gets read and done about we would be more than happy. Many thanks!!

13-Apr-2017 13:36:04

Mod Ash

Mod Ash

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Xark said:
How are the drop rate for the unique drops (enchantment and emblem) calculated?

Off the NPC's base HP - though the enchantment scrolls are more common from the tougher Wilderness bosses/demibosses.

13-Apr-2017 13:37:34

Adult Cat
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Adult Cat

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There is no "superior" monsters while any task from wilderness, right? And what goes for "you'll also have a chance of receiving additional drops while on Wilderness assignments"? Only emblem, Slayer's Enchantment drop?

13-Apr-2017 14:03:11

DK Teequoze
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DK Teequoze

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The only things missing I think are superiors for the wilderness and a buff to the drop table of monsters cause im making more loss than proffit on some monsters.

For example:

Earth warriors: Drops nothing.
Black dragons: drops nothing except d bones and black d hide. Making other dragons eg green and lava far more intresting.
Ice warriors: Drops nothing
Magic axe: drops nothing

Poor drops in general from all the tasks I had so far making normal slayer masters more interesting.

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