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Batekush said:
So with the new Slayer Master for wilderness slayer, being out. Does this mean that Vannaka will not be giving Green Dragons or Earth Warriors any longer? I have given several post with input for bringing the Chaos Tunnels to Old School for slayers. Some players like doing slayer but don't want the hassle of pkers. I would love to see the Chaos Tunnels in OS but I have never had a mod to answer if this is possible. It would seem easy enough to bring the content to OS for non-wilderness slayers. Any mods out there? ;)

Sounds like Easyscape to me.

Chaos tunnels is not Old School at all, it was put into the Wilderness long after it had been ruined. No support.

18-Apr-2017 11:18:19

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Icycle said:
Avid Sparx said:
"In other news

The market prices of a number of items have been adjusted to be more accurate."

Bout time, thx

The market prices fix was nice, but not nice enough to make me like this week's update overall. Still, the playerbase voted it in, so, RIP... :|

The Wilderness is integral to Old School. Risk VS Reward. It's not supposed to be a joke.

Get used to it. This game is not meant for pre eocers that just want all the best methods handed to them for free.

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Is it just me or is this slayer master underpowered?

I did not expect a lot since it has no requirements to use.

But what about adding some requirements which grants different bonuses? The wilderness diaries could be something.

18-Apr-2017 22:39:46

Im Walnuts
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Im Walnuts

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Just wanted to give the mods some feedback after a few days of wilderness slayer to say I'm really enjoying it. It's engaging, fun, rewarding, and revitalizes areas of the wilderness that were not busy before. Also brings back the PKing dynamic of one person chasing another, rather than two fighting in Edgeville which is refreshing for those who don't have time for Deadman. Great job Jagex.

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