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DickWolfTurd said:
I thought I was supposed to get 20% favor for completing quest... I didn't seem to get my reward... I'm 100% in all houses except lovakengj and it's still at 0%... why did it not bump me to 20%?

Hey, this was a bug because of my newbie code. This has now been fixed, and I have also taken the liberty of adding in something that will allow you to reclaim your missing reward.

Speak to Veos on the docks and he'll recognise you didn't get your reward. thanks for your reports!

20-Apr-2017 12:36:12



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Squinch said:
I took off of work today to camp skotizo. What a let down :(

You live in the future.

It is better to live in the present.

Skotzio update will come eventually.

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Pp Smol

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I didn't finish favour in all of the houses because of content we have right now on Zeah. I finished it for the future content. And now you get this reward - doubled gains. Like, think about adding another intermediate quest that gives 100% in all of the houses at once, who cares at this point. Zeah wasn't 'dead' because of ammount of time you had to spend doing favours. People who actually needed something from x house actually went and did that house up to 100% without any problems. Ridiculous. Next update, EoC exp rates on OSRS. Going for a rope. :P
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20-Apr-2017 14:33:13

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I thought it was supposed to reward 20% favor for completing quest. I'm 100% in all houses except lovakengj and it's still at 0%... Is there something else that needs to be done to receive the 20% house favor reward?

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Thanks for the little quest. I used my 1000 xp on smithing.

I noticed in the dialogues that the word 'lead' was used instead of present tense 'leads' or past tense 'led'.

In the USA lead pronounced led is an elemental metal, while present tense lead pronounced 'leed' means to proceed ahead of, as in 'lead the way'. The past tense of that lead is led, meaning led the way.

Perhaps, the UK version is different from the usage in the USA? In which case, how do we pronounce 'lead' as used in the Client of Kourend quest dialogue? It trips me up every time I see it, because it seems so wrong, to me.

Edit: It has occurred to me that the words 'read' and 'read' are pronounced differently according to context, but both refer to reading, as there is no item named 'read'.
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I feel everyone about the skoitizo thing. Literally the biggest thing ive been excited about in an update and it still hasnt been released but this pos quest is? I write code for school and i could do the skoitizo coding in 10minutes lol. They already have the code in the game just have to resize his model and then recolor the slayer helm. They would just rather work on other things than release one of highest up-voted things in the wilderness poll

20-Apr-2017 16:31:11

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