Runecrafting and Skull sceptre

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Hi i love the ability to recharge the skull sceptre.

However if you try to recharge the scepter with the "Bottom of sceptre" Nothing interesting happens, all the other pieces work as intended. Is this intentional or an oversight?

20-May-2017 17:39:06

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Mod Stone said:
When entering Port Phasmatys for free after Ghosts Ahoy, the spammy message explaining why it's free is no longer given.


After having completed Ghosts Ahoy quite some time ago, each and every time when entering Port Phasmatys I was pulled aside by one of the ghosts guarding the barrier and given the following spammy message while wearing a Ghostspeak amulet:

"All visitors to Port Phasmatys must pay a toll charge of 2 Ectotokens. However, you have done the ghosts of our town a service that surpasses all value, so you may pass without charge."

If not wearing a Ghostspeak amulet, the following spammy message was given instead:

"The ghostly guards wail at you incomprehensibly, and though you cannot understand their exact words you understand their meaning - you may pass the barriers of Port Phasmatys without charge."

I was then forced to click in the message window to acknowledge it before finally being able to pass through the barrier.

Since your update, I find that these spammy messages continue to be given. Furthermore, these are the only spammy messages given by the game that I am aware of which relate to entering Port Phasmatys free of charge after Ghosts Ahoy. Therefore, the question that I would like to ask you is:

Which particular spammy message are you referring to?

Kind Regards.

27-May-2017 19:35:06

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