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Huge support for the guild changes.


- Will Quartz Bolts be enchantable?

- Can Quartz Arrows be poisoned?

- Will mining gloves be tradeable?

- Can unidentified minerals be traded for other things besides the gloves?


Mining Gloves
: If you get a set of mining gloves (assuming they are untradeable and do not degrade), there should be a way to retrieve the same set instantly - I suggest this so that skillers will feel more willing to use their gloves in the wilderness.

Elite Void Mage
: 2.5% is a little too low... I would suggest maybe 3% (or 4%) instead.

3-4% would keep it at half the damage boost of full Ancestral, and would be balanced by the fact that void sacrifices the option to use the tormented bracelet (+5%) alongside better magic gear.

: AFK Dark Crabs is more money and exp than what minnows (task-intensive) are proposed to be, so the exp and gp rates should be more generous.
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