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The mining guild seems really powerful now, this update solidly cements it as permanently useful content. I'm worried the combination of all the benefits there will make it OP, but better to start big I guess.

Any chance we could get Amethyst darts as an in-between Rune and Dragon? Please, I beg you :(
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Will the fossil island wyverns (82 slayer) be task-only, or will we be able to kill them off-task aswell?

Sorry for off-topic question, but I heard a rumour it will be task-only so I am curious.
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Looks great update
Really happy
Lets hope mod stone keeps out all the mining bots tho as this can be really good gps but bots could just ruin it
Great job sween and really great informative stream last night

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The new mining gloves are a precedent to Concentrated Rocks in RS3.

I believe we should have just been given concentrated rocks (a depsoit of multiple ores in one rock) with their own unique level reqs. in a new piece of content, opposed to these gloves.

Other than that, a small yet nice update.
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