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Barbarian assault

New minigame features:

-Waves 11-20 that can be accessed downstairs by anybody with at least 2 level5 roles.
-Reasonable amount of rangers and fighters that can only be damaged with eggs will spawn every wave after 10 making collector role more essential. Cannon will be prioritised to them rather than attackable rangers and fighters.
-Maxium party size will be increased to 10 players for these new waves, the more players join, the harder the wave will be (1 of each role is still required to start the wave).
-Fighters and Rangers will spawn faster so defender may have to block the tunnels to protect their team. Blocked tunnel will not open before any player opens it.
-Wave 20 will have 2 or 3 stronger queens and stronger spawns. In wave 20 eggs must be prepared in unique order that resets when the wave starts: wrong action will destroy the egg.
New reward suggestions
(requires Wave20 completion to buy).
These bonuses will be added to the items:
-Fighter torso upgrade strength +1, no negatives.
-Hat upgrades +2 str(fighter), +1magic(healer), +2 ranged(ranger hat), +5 all defences(runner hat), All the negative bonuses are removed.
-Skirt upgrade ranged +1, +5 magic defence.
-Gloves upgrade -5kg weight when worn.
-Boots upgrade -5kg weight when worn.
New role upgrades

-Attacker: +1 damage per hit per level.
-Collector: More eggs can be loaded and held in pouch at a time, Better conversion rates.
-Defender: More runners can eat a food simultaneously.
-Healer: More hitpoints are healed at a time, antipoison will have longer effects. Poisoning healers can happen from longer distance.
Bug/Glitch fixes:

-Not closing the wave end interface may cause loss of points.
-Combat disrupts cannon users.
-Using poison packs on healers often results with "Can't reach that". The long ongoing pathfinding fix should fix

Full support

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ADDED SUGGESTION for my "Terror From The Depths" suggestion on Pages 24 and 25:

Other rewards

-Mesoglea: A pestle and mortar can then be used to get "mashed mesoglea", which would go into an empty vial.
-A Herblore level of 88 would be required to make "Jellyfish Paste." The required ingrediants are mashed mesoglea, swamp paste, and rotten tomato.
-Jellyfish Paste can only be used on Spears, Hastas, Darts, and Javelins. The poison damage for both meleeing and range starts at 8 damage per hit, and it cannot be cured by antipoison or super antipoison. Extra strong antipoison or super strong antipoison would be required. Any weapon poisoned by this will have (Jp) after its name.
-Mesoglea Item Model: Use a recolored Disk of Returning.

-After completing the quest, Chaeldar will assign Juvenile Jellyfish and Duradel will assign Torrential Spectres as Slayer tasks.

-The Water Tornado animation would be copied from Armadyl GWD, perhaps colored a darker blue as well. The attack would be able to hit people standing next to you, like with Dagannoth Prime.

-The entire area is multi combat. The Juvenile Jellyfish are not aggressive. The Torrential Spectres are aggressive, but will be spaced fairly far apart.
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Yesss !!!, Player-made content will REALLY be a good update because a lot of players probably have good ideas/suggestions. Thanks Mat K for this important news :) What up, its Joeeee poop!

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