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I support almost all of the ideas proposed. However I don't agree with desert amulet 4 shifting from Nardah teleport to kalphite, when there are other close teleports like fairy ring & duelling ring or glory amulet to al-kharid. I would rather have desert amulet 4 teleport closer to Elidinis Statuette and have the statuette restore stats like the POH pools do. Another option would to make desert amulet 4 teleport teleport closer to the nardah bank so it's relevant for faster banking other than having 99 crafting.

When it comes to the magic skillcape, I disagree with the proposed change to make it change spellbooks unlimited within banks. Seems like an odd idea to devalue the high construction requirement with Altar of the Occult in POH. Rather increase the amount of spellbook swaps to 3, within banks than unlimited. No reason really with this "buff" when there are several skills with terrible perks as well.
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