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1. Don't you dare make protect from magic useless like that.
2. What happened to polling updates?? I don't understand why you would remove the shamans from there like that. Its honestly not that great money at all at shamans and the dwh is a 200+ hour grind and that's not guaranteed. Its a 1/5k drop and each one takes ages to kill. If your gonna make them un-safespottable at least buff the drop table or make dwh 1/2.5k or 1/3k or something.
3. The skill cape perks are supposed to just be small little limited helpful things. 1 time a day is good. 5 times a day is definitely not. That just devalues the purpose of the altars in P.O.H completely.
4.Brutal black drags req at 71 was fine. Its really not much over 600k an hour maybe. Before doing this you should've looked at the gp/h from wyverns compared to brutal blacks and adjusted it accordingly. Also is it really necessary to remove a 1/32768 drop? You would have to be insanely lucky to get the d full helm drop. Also you said you made that decision based upon players decisions but all I see is a few comments on this forum saying it should be higher. I dont understand why that would justify nerfing the drags and making that decision without polling it.

What happened to players decisions on polls? It seems like its just drifting further and further away from that. Please read this and take what i said into account. ty

09-Jul-2017 12:48:42

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