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Love all of the ideas!

Also in regards to the preserve prayer, the question says:

"Should the Preserve prayer be improved so that boosted stats last 50% longer? This is an increase on it's current 30% rate."

In-game the current increase says 20%, just wanted to point that out to make sure this was correct.


05-Jul-2017 18:20:36

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Thank you so so soooo much for polling the length of elite clues.

Will the desert amulet still have teleport to nardah as primary right click option while the amulet is in inventory if kalphite lair teleport passes the poll?

Can you extend polling elite melee void buff to also include attack/ accuracy boost, not only str?

Can you add a shop where they sell karambwanji in bulk if the karambwan related poll passes?

Can you poll the herblore cape having the amulet of chemistry effect (infinite)? Its current perks are a bit underwhelming.

05-Jul-2017 18:27:38

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Some nice ones there, especially the normal magic spell-book buff, will make it much more useful.

Love the elite clue scroll one too, makes much more sense.

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Before you vote yes on the magic cape, please keep in mind that players with a max cape who forgot to change spellbook can change spellbook with their max cape in raids for example.
It can be really handy.
And what is the point in having the spellbook altar in your POH when this is added to the cape?
No one will ever go there anymore, if you have the con level and gp to spend for the altar, you obviously have a magic cape or the money to get one which makes the altar useless.

I would like to see this changed to lets say 3-5 times a day everywhere and not in wildy and PvP worlds.

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The middle Golom color looks a lot like runite to me? I'm sure i'm wrong if you look at them side by side.
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05-Jul-2017 18:44:22



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Support for the new spell/pray from magic nerf
-- might we consider adding Entangle to f2p as well then? Teleblock has always been voted no but I think players would be open-minded about Entangle.

As for achievements
: Would be nice if combat didn't interrupt the level-up message, maybe keep this interruption to dangerous PVP only.

: Pretty much the entire source of all Karambwan are from bots - I would support a drastic change to Tiadeche's shop similar to the ones at Jiminua, because I don't think reducing the stock is enough to discourage botting, and will only serve to frustrate legitimate players who have to compete with said bots.
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I support almost all of the ideas proposed. However I don't agree with desert amulet 4 shifting from Nardah teleport to kalphite, when there are other close teleports like fairy ring & duelling ring or glory amulet to al-kharid. I would rather have desert amulet 4 teleport closer to Elidinis Statuette and have the statuette restore stats like the POH pools do. Another option would to make desert amulet 4 teleport teleport closer to the nardah bank so it's relevant for faster banking other than having 99 crafting.

When it comes to the magic skillcape, I disagree with the proposed change to make it change spellbooks unlimited within banks. Seems like an odd idea to devalue the high construction requirement with Altar of the Occult in POH. Rather increase the amount of spellbook swaps to 3, within banks than unlimited. No reason really with this "buff" when there are several skills with terrible perks as well.
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