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Please don't change the effect of protect from magic against binds, the current system works very well.

And certainly don't add entangle to F2P, as suggested by another user. This would completely break F2p clan pking

05-Jul-2017 19:29:27

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In my honest opinion, I've always thought that the better solution for equalizing the normal and ancient spellbook binds would be to have Protect from Magic half the duration of ice spell binds like it did with normal binding spells (the exact opposite of what happened in Deadman Mode). With the current Deadman Mode model, and with it already being so easy to land binds (even on players with high magic defense), I feel that it takes away a huge chunk of the Protect from Magic prayer's power and viability in PvP situations.

All that aside, I definitely agree with adding a 20-second binding spell to the normal spellbook (it's all about equalizing as much as possible), and many of these other proposed changes sound very good to me!

05-Jul-2017 19:58:33

Zamoraks Sr
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Zamoraks Sr

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For the karambwan fishing, you should add the bait (karambwanji) to the shop with the vessels after the quest is completed. Even if the 5 fish passed, this method wouldn't be used much due to the amount of time taken just to get the bait (you also don't get the bait everytime when fishing for it).

05-Jul-2017 20:14:53

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Nice to see improvements to F2P. Howeverv, I'd like to suggest some further changes. If we're adding a Lvl 92 bind it would be nice to see Snare (lvl 50) become F2p. In addition, making teleblock F2p would in my opinion strongly encourage more enjoyable F2p pking. Rest of updates look great!

05-Jul-2017 20:50:01



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Preserve needs to practically double the length of the boost to be useful, let alone worthwhile. 50% is gonna pass, but it's also not going to be enough to make people want it.

Desert 4 should clarify if it's replacing a teleport or an additional teleport being added.

I don't see changing the way protect mage works against snares getting much support

Also, stop trying to change the skillcape perks so much. Turning the magic cape from a useful, but limited perk into a more situational one will annoy those that used it outside and away from banks.
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05-Jul-2017 21:06:02

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Extremely disappointed with the removal of the shaman safespot. So many people have gotten their DWH from safespotting them and now I wont be able to :\

Safespotting tough monsters has always been a part of runescape, why change that now?
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05-Jul-2017 21:20:34

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Slayer for BBD? This shows that mods are unable to balance things and make consistent content. Dragons have nothing to do with slayer. Making that zeah favour miniquest as requirement would have been made perfect sense. Slayer requirement is lazy solution. Do your job and stop being lazy. Focus on consistency of the game!

05-Jul-2017 21:20:35

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Just wanted to point out a spelling/grammar mistake.

"This is an increase on it's current 20% rate."

Should be its. Hope you catch this before the polls go live.

05-Jul-2017 21:36:22

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