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Even higher slayer requirement for Brutal Blacks please? 71 seems too low even still, it'll be a short period of time before it gets filled up again by people farming the drags, I think it'll be better to put brutal blacks at mid to upper 80s? Just my opinion.
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Hi Sween (BTW you did way better on twitch last week than the mod who normally asks the questions)

Love you finally addressing the shamans finally nomore voiders safing them.
Also 71 slayer for brutal blacks is too low as you need 72 slayer for wyverns, better idea be 79 and those crying about a slayer lvl being added to these dragons maybe should get the slayer lvls req.


05-Jul-2017 22:29:56

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Really impressed Jagex. Ever since I came back to this game, you have been making not only amazing and smart changes to the game, but it almost seems like you are reading my mind while I'm playing. Just recently I was at brutal black dragons striking up a conversation with those there about how something needed to be done about giving either more for those to kill while on slayer task vs those who wanted to farm for money (just like what was done with blue dragons in taverly dungeon). I personally love to fight them but only while on task since they require a good amount of money to burn for the return you get and its nice to only have to kill them while on task.

Also very happy about the change to the Shamans. While I have not had a chance to kill them or even safespot kill them, i have to agree with the change here. While yes this is runescape and safespoting has always been a thing, I've seen how the fight is suppose to go and agree that we are turning all these things that are suppose to happen from 100%-0. If safespoting still required 20% of abilities to happen then fine I'm okay with it. But this needed a change and I'm happier for it.

As with all the other changes, keep up the great work and I will be voting Yes to all of them.

05-Jul-2017 22:44:07

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Please nooo on the magic skillcape perk. Its just a perk not a super useful item. It devalues the shit out of 90 construction and an altar that costs like 12m. Please change this to like 3 or 5 or even leave it at 1 its already a good perk. Some of the skillcapes are pointless why make this one OP

06-Jul-2017 02:42:30

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Once upon a time, the developers were going to implement a 'Peek' option for MM2 Caves. I don't like speaking for others, but utilizing prayer/staminas/60 seconds/87 world hops to check for chinners is much more stressful than briefly climbing down a ladder. What's the deal here? :|

Everything else looks great. Perfect incentive to get 99 mage.

06-Jul-2017 03:48:39

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