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Unlimited magic book swaps is too op. It also devalues the construction skill and the occult altar.

Lvl 71 slayer requirement for BBD is too low. lvl 80ish requirement would be more suitable for its combat lvl and drop rewards.

06-Jul-2017 05:47:18

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I like most of them. Ones that i'll be voting no to are...

- Unlimited spellbook changes for magic skillcape. This completely devalues the POH altars. I do think that one per day is a little low though. I would vote yes to increasing it to two per day. Three at the most.

- Ironman pking question. This just seems dumb and unnecessary. It sounds funny, but I think it's a weird mechanic to have be permanently in game.

Also don't feel like the buff to binding spells is really needed. Will probably vote no to that.

I like that brutal black dragons are finally being looked at, but I don't feel like the proposed changes go far enough. Some changes that I think should be made...

1. 71 slayer requirement seems really low for a monster that is so rewarding. 81 would be more appropriate.

2. Remove dragon full helm from their drop tables. The damage to it's price has already been done, but its better late than never. These should only be a reward from mithril dragons, as originally intended.

3. Make the alchables that they drop more rare.

For this question: Should new total level milestone notifications be added? Every 25 total levels you’ll receive a notification in your chatbox. Will this come with a toggle?

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There is lot of things that shouldn't be allowed.

1. Preserve prayer doesn't need a buff to a whopping 50%. A tier 55 prayer shouldn't ever be a necessity to pvm and pvp. Advantage will turn unfair if it goes higher than 33%. Saving 1 level every 3 levels is more than fine.

2.If Shackle gets released, it definitely shouldn't require only 92 Magic. It's less than ever-so-mighty 94 Magic, and still there won't be a real reason to go higher than 94 unless one wants 99. Personally i think right level is 96.

3.Protect from Mage should keep it's ability to halve the time of bind spells because standard spellbook already has teleblock which is awfully powerful on it's own. This change is preferable in dmm, but in regular game opposite is preferable - meaning that Ice spells should be made weaker. e.g Ice Rush - no change, Ice Burst - 8 seconds, Ice Blitz 12 seconds and Ice Barrage 15/16 seconds. Only real reason to ever freeze someone is to be rude.

4. Single spellbook swap is already very good on its own.

5. Void melee is only void set that has always been balanced fair. Void melee doesn't need to get stronger and it would make hopes of seeing a rebalance on void range impossible.
Void Range didn't need to be changed - new ranged weapons do! Ballista's javelins are still too strong, and toxic blowpipe has too much ranged strength. Keep the blowpipe's shooting speed to keep it "interesting". What void buff could be needed is that void gloves are awful without a set effect. Void's accuracy bonus is already hardly noticeable (excluding new void mage) so to change it - Void gloves should give +3 in all accuracy bonuses.

6. Karambwan shop with 10 in stock would be fine, but their price in there is ridiculously low.
Price should be upped from 110 each to at least 330 each. This still wouldn't really change prices in karambwan market in G.E

7. Superior mining gloves are already insane - and so are regulars. Combining 2 would make no sense.

8. 71 slayer is hardly a req.

06-Jul-2017 09:10:39

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A reward for 100 master clues
A floppy hat in the shape of the bloodhounds head which can tele to straight to watson
Similar to a deerstalker hat with the dogs ears flopping down each side of the cap


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IMO, old school has gotten way too far away from old school already, although I`m sure this will never happen, I personally would like to see the game moved back to what old school once was.

Changes that devalue things that players already worked hard for is not a good idea IMO.

Lets all hope that what ever changes are made that the changes do no have the same effect that EOC had on the original game. I really don`t want old school to look like a ghost town, like RS3 looked like the last time I logged in there.

Time will tell if continually moving the game more and more away from old school will keep players in the game.
With hard work, comes great rewards, earn it, it`s worth it.

06-Jul-2017 11:33:11

p0w3r zerk
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p0w3r zerk

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magic skillcape perk is fine, construction cape got unlimited teleports.

Also 99 magic is a lot harder to get than 85 construction. Construction is one of the fastest skills in the game.

New bind spell looks nice, but perhaps god spells should be updated to be auto charged always and be loaded with runes like trident. Maybe pay an additional fee at mage arena to upgrade your staff.

06-Jul-2017 13:15:02

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