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Ffs M8

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Jlw said:
Please don't change the effect of protect from magic against binds, the current system works very well.

And certainly don't add entangle to F2P, as suggested by another user. This would completely break F2p clan pking

06-Jul-2017 14:05:43

Mr Simpleton

Mr Simpleton

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Is there any way you can make the Desert Amulet 4 question only available for people who have one? Noobs would automatically vote yes to anything. A kalphite lair teleport would be completely useless since I have 99 slayer already and the achievement diary cape already can teleport me to the Shantay Pass. Also, I use the Elidiness Statue for restoring stats as I don't have 90 construction. Additionally, it saves out on house teleports. All small things, but all things considered, the Nardah teleport is more useful for me. It's okay if it passes though. Just means that I need to spend a couple dozen mills in construction.

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Original message details are unavailable.
We'd like to suggest two changes to the normal spell book which should improve its viability in combat.

We'd like to introduce a new spell, called Shackle, to the normal spell book. In essence it's a stronger version of Entangle.

A change was made to the Protect From Magic protection prayer which meant that it no longer halved the duration of the Bind, Snare, and Entangle spells. We'd like to offer the chance to see this change implemented in the main game too. Note that if Shackle is added to the game it would also apply to this spell.

What? No, no no jagex. The magic skill needs VARIETY, not freaking buffs.. Standards is already very viable. In fact, outside of is the only viable option and getting kills with it is already incredibly easy to the point of where not even prot from mage will necessarily save them as they'll be too low on supplies for it to matter anyway. (And since we don't have to rely on heavy rng based specs, venge combos or anything like that..kills are essentially guaranteed as well)

This would make the skill overpowered, we don't need it. There is a reason that standards has weaker binds, don't ignore the fact that it has teleblock. The change was done to dmm as people can't tele during fights there anyway. Obviously, it's different here.

If you want to update standards, find a way to make the saradomin and guthix spells viable. Currently only zamorak flames is since it can be used with SotD.
OSRS Mage Tank.

Believe magic to only be for support? Think again. It's as much of a combat skill as melee and range is.

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IR0N arrow

IR0N arrow

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Please DO NOT buff binds on normal spell book! There is a trade off. Ancients can freeze and do high damage, normal can Teleblock. Lets not have 1 player able to easily TB and Bind.
Sincerely, everyone who is ever in the wild and not currently pking

06-Jul-2017 16:38:22



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Regarding the Lizard Shaman slayer cave, would it be sectioned off for 1v1 fights or would it be 2-3 piling you at a time? I'd be less inclined to safespot if the current Shaman spot wasn't so frustrating to use.

06-Jul-2017 17:05:05

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