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Mod Sween

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@Dressed Best - everything polled is in response to player requests. Nightmare Zone points is something that's important to you, but isn't a particularly pressing matter for us. If you're going to grind a lot of combat there, you're going to have a lot of points.

@Dyth - yes, we are.
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10-Jul-2017 10:36:50



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Wow, I never thought I'd see the concept of F2P CW tossed around. It was always my favorite minigame to play as a kid, so if this change were made, I could see a lot of Castle Wars in my future! I love the idea of being able to use Zamorak Robes as well. This should certainly extend the life of F2P, and probably create some new Members as well. And while I've never really missed the fact that you can only obtain one Amulet of Accuracy per account, the suggested change is a good improvement for the game's quality of life (especially where Ironmen are concerned).

However, I actually like the fact that random events make noise. It gets my attention and allows me to respond before they might otherwise disappear, if I happen to be looking away for whatever reason. I only find them annoying when I'm doing some activity that is surrounded by a ton of bots, which obviously ignore them completely. That is its own problem of course, but I don't find it necessary to remove the sound effect for that reason alone.

I love the ideas of most of these changes, but these are the only ones I feel I have a right to comment on as a free player. Time to keep working for those Bonds!

10-Jul-2017 10:42:59



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Ok maybe I don't understand because I'm not a PKer, but why in the world would you want to make binding spells better? Isn't melee already weak as flarf compared to mages?

I mean if you are a melee PKer you might as well call it a death as soon as you are bound cause you cant reach your opponent anymore right? Wouldn't it be a better idea to go the opposite route and make protect from magic reduce the bind from ice barrage?

10-Jul-2017 21:15:17

King Sakke
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King Sakke

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Make the ironman 'pk destroy' option toggleable from the ironman tutors in lumbridge. So people like me, who love this idea, so whenever i get harrased in the wildy, I will at least make my attacker risk something, can choose to use this option.
Otherwise, these 10hp ironman PKers, who want to loot with another account, can choose to not destroy the dropped items, so they can loot with their ironman kills.

It's also much harder for this kind of questions to pass, since it's more beneficial to a small part of the community. This kind of questoins should give ironman an extra vote or something.

12-Jul-2017 14:02:11

Alfred Adler
Jan Member 2019

Alfred Adler

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Thank you for adding Castle Wars to F2P!!

Is it possible to add Castle Wars Bracelets to the Lanthus store? I think it would be a good way to spend tickets.

Maybe also a Castle Wars pet that can be purchased by a large amount of tickets? Speaking of pets, f2p should be able to get some sort of pets. I don't want f2p to be the same as members, so how about keeping the current pets exclusive to members, but adding some lesser form of pets that f2p and members can enjoy.

12-Jul-2017 21:58:36

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