Lizardman Shaman Improvements

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Mod Tomh said:
Zephinism said:
Is there any news on Castle Wars for Free-to-Play players?

This should hopefully be out next week. I have done the dev work and it has been passed over to QA. :)

Good to hear. Thanks for the swift response.

13-Jul-2017 10:56:49

Mod Tomh

Mod Tomh

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Costcos said:
master scroll book isn't in the ge?

Apologies, it was mean to be but there was an error in the config that means it isn't, and unfortunately we cannot hotfix configs. It will be available on the G.E. with the next game update.
Mod TomH - Old School RuneScape Lead QA Analyst

13-Jul-2017 11:09:57

Mod Maz

Mod Maz

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SamoaSpider said:
Will the Karambwan-related update also come out this week?

Details of this week's update can be found in the news post.
Mod Maz
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13-Jul-2017 11:27:09



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Will the 1 in 5k drop rate of the dragon warhammer be modified in any way?
Concerning whether or not I like or dislike the update, I'd have to say giving them a slayer assignment only requirement and 100% house favor and making them basically meleeable only is abit of an overkill.

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As someone with ~50,000 Shaman kills using safespots, I wanted to applaud your removal of the safespots. I told my Clan months ago that I wanted to farm them until you made the canyon completely square (before xeric swamp existed) and I'm very happy to say that goal has finally been accomplished with your help. I know my KC is a drop in the bucket as I have met individuals with 2x my KC, but this is a great start.

That being said, I just want to point out that you missed a cannon-only safespot at the ladder.

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Brilliant, love the changes.

Also, its nice to see such a high number of Jmods posting, it really makes everyone feel involved/listened to.

Just completed the great runescape survey, and it looks like them lot over RS3 will be taking a leaf out of your book, with the added focus on polls/ community direction.

13-Jul-2017 11:35:00

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Well UNLIKE some here I am not happy with this change.THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN VOTED ON! Why and What did it do? it catered to "maxed accounts or "mains" as it were. Why everytime a mid level player finds a way to make money Legitely "just takes a little time" 20k kc myself 1 hammer? I thought was rather steep, but hey it kept me interested. I quit from 2009-2012, for a similar problem, the game started only catering to those who were capped, and I mean yeah "endgame" is important, but its not everything. We shouldn't have to farm 2nd ingredients for herbore for people to make a dime on the game that is well worth our 10 hour session grinding. No Im not happy at all, I wonder all the time, does my voice even matter? The over $4,000 USD I've spent on Jagex INC? If you wanted new "bosses" I could understand but these were "DEMI" bosses, they weren't that "easy" if you spent any time there, people who were higher leveled crashed you daily, making it a true challenge to battle it out for the spot on the world. Multiple times this happened to me, and I'd have to bank short of finishing my trip, to restock some sara brews/ super restores/ ammo etc to return and gain my respect/honor back. I would always be respectful if I logged in and someone was already fighting I would hop.

However when crashed that was a whole another story. People need to learn that RESPECT counts in games just like it does anywhere else. Today Jagex did not Respect the players enough to poll it for our approval first. I have a feeling removing safespots "because well you just removed the best thing for a mid level player to do" so not only do level 120s get the GWD, the corporeal beast, they also now get the SHAMANS as well! TERRIBLE UPDATE I will probably revoke membership again, cause I'm so tired of trying to construct a suitable pker/staker without having to pick flax to get there, do it legit and use the game in a respectful manner, not buying gold, and not xfer off a mule. UNSATISFIED!

13-Jul-2017 12:53:35

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