Lizardman Shaman Improvements

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J4 Town
Mar Member 2017

J4 Town

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I thought all changes need to be polled? Why did u just the two in the swamp without even asking i built my account to to able to acess higher monsters with better drops faster and shamans were one monster i liked to kill. Shamans are a dificult monster to kill with unusual mechanics and since they have been made so much harder to kill. With this update i feel like their drop table needs to be vastly improved, in my opinion they are much more harder to kill than many bosses without the safe spot and the drop table does not reflect this at all.

14-Jul-2017 11:12:10

Iron Nyste
Dec Member 2016

Iron Nyste

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Omg Jagex! Seriously u put slayer cave only with lizardman shamans with no cannon spot in the middle of nowhere!!? and mess up zeah spot with cannon and now you can't kill like 1-2 at the time and U have to kill all 5 at the same time... omg what you're thinking, stop changing content years after you released it!!! I don't say that removing safespot is bad cuz isn't but putting such a cave is stupid -.- no cannon 100% favor and slayer only without good way to teleport near cave, and when you add how lizardman task is rare you get death content Greatz ! like zulrah no one do it except Ironmans.

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Hi mods!

Great updates!
On that note i thought that should all brutal dragons have a slayer requirement? This is a great chance to introduce dragon platebody back to runescape if you also add dragon platebody fragaments to their dropping lists. Different pieces for different types. If i remember correctly there was three pieces.
You also could add something else as there is four dragons. Dragon hasta-piece for example. A piece that would allow you to make a dragon hasta.

For example:
Brutal black dragon-
Ruined dragon armour slice

Brutal red dragon-
Ruined dragon armour lump

Brutal blue dragon-
Ruined dragon armour shard

Brutal green dragon-
Dragon hasta superglue

I hope you take this idea into consideration.


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Thanks for this. All the people complaining need to realize that Shamans SHOULD'NT be that easy to kill. It's kinda cheap to be able to kill something that's considered a "demi-bosss" with a simple safespot. Full support.

17-Jul-2017 02:17:20

L ea
Jan Member 2019

L ea

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I like how someone complained about the Golems but didn't point out that the text is in the wrong order for the golems displayed it should be Lovakite, Daeyalt, and then Elemental but who ever wrote the post clearly couldn't be bothered to confirm the names.

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