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A week of hype, then an announcement for something in winter.

Oh well, I'm sure some people will use it.
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17-Jul-2017 14:13:01

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Playing Runescape on a phone, lol..

On a serious note tho; you really think this is gonna be good for the game
and not only for the money and make people even more addicted?
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17-Jul-2017 14:13:19 - Last edited on 17-Jul-2017 14:13:53 by MATRIIIIIIIX

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I can't help to think about the consequences this will have on the game and economy.

Won't think make certain skills too easy?

Devaluing achievements isn't good for longevity of Runescape.
Curious to see the outcome, regardless.

17-Jul-2017 14:16:44

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