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HC Moirai
May Member 2018

HC Moirai

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I think special attention needs to be paid to possible ways to bot through the mobile application (app). I hope JAGEX takes time to look at the possible ways in which people will be able to bot through the app. And to differentiate mouse teleportation on the app vs on the desktop application.

However this update is what i think one of the best updates ever to come to old school. Especially since it is cross-platform. I think it wouldn't have be a success without it being so.

17-Jul-2017 14:27:14

Mod Sween

Mod Sween

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I'm personally ridiculously excited for this. It's so good to see such a positive reaction amongst you all!

To answer a few queries:

Why didn't you release xx piece of content instead?
Different people are involved in different development. It has had no effect on our content releases. We've continued to poll and release content, and we'll continue to poll and release content.

Will content change because of mobile?
Nope, we won't be adapting content to be "easier" or releasing "easier" content because of mobile.
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17-Jul-2017 14:28:28

Stoner Morty
Jun Member 2017

Stoner Morty

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I've always wanted to play rs on my phone since the day I got the 2nd gen Iphone back like 50 years ago. Finally!

Also, I remember ppl getting banned for using touch screens to get like 400K xp and hour. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, as the mod above we just said nothing will be "easier"

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Dec Member 2017


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Very good move on your guys' part! Really looking forward to this. I think this will bring a lot of players to play RS again, if they can just play RS on the plane, roadtrip or just in the evening on their phones when laying in bed... So much more comfy and easy to use/set up compared to a PC, especially in public places where bringing out a laptop is kind of weird. Hyped!

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TNT Kaza said:
all this hype for a phone app.......

I know man! I can't believe all this hype over being able to play on a Phone. It's not like Phones are the future if they aren't already...


I've played since 2001 on a PC and this should make RuneScape better. Can't wait.

17-Jul-2017 14:32:52

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