Inferno task and Poll 56

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The 100k experience reward for killing TzKal-Zuk seems more then fair considering what some players get with other tasks. Well balanced!

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When will flasks be in game? Not everyone is capable of prayer flicking and they come too short for the inferno on prayer supplies. I hope you guys will consider adding it once another challenging boss is out.
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Any possible way of the quality of life update to make an option to have a clan be available to paying members only. As in people who are rs members, this would prevent multiple alts entering clans spamming obscenities.

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Myself and plenty other's in game are rightfully over the trash poll's, poor thought out updates, and the meaninglessly banter you guys do on streams. Up your game there are tons of Veterans that are leaving daily because how miserable it has because on a weekly cycle to see these ridiculous polls. Just because you are giving players a choice at things you should just implement doesn't make it any better it's almost as if you're patronizing us.
P.S Thanks for ruining rs once again by the polling system.

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For instance you ruined teleblock now all anyone has to do is step outside wildy and it's gone which makes pvp easier on everyone who uses ancients and the rushers, you didn't pass shackle because 90% of the people pk on ancients and dont want to deal with fighting people on normal spellbook so they can check spec teleport. You implemented easy scape in so many ways such as nightmare zone. You have practically turned this game into trash over the last 4 years and most of the content you put in is dead on release. If you plan on keeping this up just tell us 2005-2007 players so we can quit and go play a better game. Thanks for completely making this game hell once again.

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