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PvmScaper12 said:
For instance you ruined teleblock now all anyone has to do is step outside wildy and it's gone which makes pvp easier on everyone who uses ancients and the rushers, you didn't pass shackle because 90% of the people pk on ancients and dont want to deal with fighting people on normal spellbook so they can check spec teleport. You implemented easy scape in so many ways such as nightmare zone. You have practically turned this game into trash over the last 4 years and most of the content you put in is dead on release. If you plan on keeping this up just tell us 2005-2007 players so we can quit and go play a better game. Thanks for completely making this game hell once again.

I'm not that familiar with all the pvp updates so i cant argue on that topic but i do agree with you on the nightmare zone stuff. Its a bad thing for the game cause people use it to afk only without even being at their computer, wich in my opinion is a broken system. They could easily fix it and just remove it completely but they won't because they wont admit their mistakes. The only reason i've been there was to imbue my rings.

Its all about money anyways, they don't really care about the veterans and people in general.
I understand you can't do good for everyone but some of these updates have a huge impact. Its straight forward to see if you give people even a chance to abuse something they will. The Osrs team always waits until the damage already has been done to nerf something.
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