Inferno task and Poll 56

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I think I'm a little bit late to this thread

But for the gnome glider I think it'd be nice if you can auto glide to gnome stronghold if you are not from there. Because you cant travel from one location to another without going to gnome stronghold first.


08-Aug-2017 10:21:47

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Mod Sween said:
Fossil Island is nearing release (a little over a month away), and required a lot of development time, testing time, and graphics time. Make All is nearing release, and is a huge overhaul of in-game interfaces.

We have just announced 2 new content developers this week. They are currently in training, but when that is completed it opens up so much development time.

We are clearly dedicated to giving you the content you want, but a triple A release each week simply isn't feasible, for any game in the world.

For the ammo automatically being equipped when picked up, can darts be put back into blowpipes as well?

09-Aug-2017 01:22:19

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