Fireworks and karambwan!

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I love celebrations!

Although I won't be seeing myself getting anymore fireworks. Going to max party's in the future will be so much more enjoyable!


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Opinions on bringing flasks in the game? Maybe not right now but whenever there will be a superior boss like nex back in the day.
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Mod Ash

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Dark   X said:
srsly. that's all what was done? :@

With a lot of the team busy on bigger projects, such as Make-All and Fossil Island, that leaves fewer staff available to deliver other things. I'd hope that the occasional small update isn't such a bad thing for you, if you bear that in mind.

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Mod Ash

Mod Ash

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Markipedia said:
Has the drop rate of elite clues from Barbarian Assault high level gambles been decided yet?

Not that I've heard.

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Hi Ash

Glad your back
I suppose these updates are useful in there own right and i realize you all working on bigger projects, so lets hope we get at least 1 of them soon as the natives becoming restless at these poor updates lately.

Can you tell me reason why my questions never get ask from pompous archie when he never has enough questions each week he has to ask chat when my question are quite relevant to 07rs.
question from yesterday was;
Can we have a review on smoke devils drop table as they junk and at 92slayer when we have gars lvl 70 wyverns lvl72 brutals lvl 77 slayer are 100x more profitable than smoke devils or the thermo, tbh they waste of time doing with drops they are now.


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