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MastrShafter said:
I agree Ash huge updates do take time i accept that but we haven't had a huge update in 3months and tbh the updates lately when you weren't here were hardly inspiring.


P.S I stand by what i said about Archie ok but its my opinion and im pretty good judge of people hence im respectful to you stone kieran (him cos hes a geordie like me lol)

It's funny how you are always wining about the game (see previous update for example where u are rambling like a idiot).

The fact you call yourself a 'pretty good Judge of people' is even more funny. It's Obvious you're mad because your question isn't being answered. You're just ignorant and only think about yourself. You probally never try to think how other people feel of why they act in a way. You should stop seeing your stupid assumptions for the truth.

On topic:

Good job jagex, i love everything you do. I see a lot of hate, you guys don't deserve it.
Internet today is filled with people who can't think crealy and only complain.

Keep doing what you guys are doing! BLESS!

10-Aug-2017 12:26:57

Mod Ash

Mod Ash

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Nhbuck said:
Any ideas of when the rainbow scarf will be added to Diango's shop?

I don't think we set a date for that, though such things have often tended to be around the anniversary of the event that first produced them.

10-Aug-2017 12:40:52

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OMG there aren't 19 new quests and 14 new skills added this week im tilted sdisdhvuiwerhvuiuiv


Big updates are coming guys relax, cheers for the hard work Jagex, i dont know of any game that brings new updates as well and as regularly as you guys. Keep it up! :)

10-Aug-2017 13:03:50



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I have a question about the upcoming Fossil Island ultracompost thing. Will you update Fertile Soil such that it addsd ultracompost rather than supercompost to patches? Or perhaps allow us to upgrade Fertile Soil spell via, say, a diary?

10-Aug-2017 14:04:24

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