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Oct Member 2016


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It's really sad to see how this update is destructive to the community that BA has established to lots of people and instead of proposing a solution they just disregard it as a bug.

The team should focus more on solutions than to problems, before deciding it, or at least try to talk to some of the plenty active members that play hundreds of hours of BA daily, just for the sake of it. The difference between meele dps and range or magic dps show how little attention Jagex puts into this minigame, and when they do, they dont help at all.

I know lot of people whose only motivation to continue playing is enjoying the BA community, myself included, I wish they somehow think of how to improve it listening to us, instead of imposing these kind of stuff. Really sad for this update.

18-Aug-2017 20:48:14

Dr Lumbridge
Sep Member 2016

Dr Lumbridge

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Jagex, what the hell? Give us back the blowpipe, seriously!

Instead of trying to ruin an already small community with baseless updates, you should be grateful that we've kept Barbarian Assault alive, a minigame majority of runescape couldn't care less about.

You haven't really affected the leech clans which is what most of us think your actual target was. It's the casual ba'ers and speed runners(the most fun part about BA) that are mostly affected. Now, no one wants to be an attacker whereas prior to the update it was actually fun maximizing every tick with blowpipe.

No one's buying your explanation of "oh it was a bug." What a joke. Yet you leave chinchompas, knives, darts which use the same mechanics. Guess what?! We're still exploiting those bugs! OMG!

If we actually wanted to exploit the bugs in BA, there would be no end to it.

Stop ruining the game and community. What a farce!

21-Aug-2017 01:35:36

Mar Member 2018


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I really hope Tom and Ash keep their word regarding a future update to make range at least more viable, and listen to our suggestions. Right now the entire BA community is kinda depressed.. Half have quit and sold their banks (lol). I hope a solution is found soon.

22-Aug-2017 10:53:33

Sir Roscoe5
Jul Member 2018

Sir Roscoe5

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I am testing picking up fire runes as a slayer drop and i have a rune pouch, it goes straight to my inventory and i have only 4k fires in the pouch. If i have no space in my inventory it doesnt allow me to pick them up at all. Works perfectly fine with arrows but not runes. Please fix! Thanks.

06-Sep-2017 22:07:27

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