Sulliuscep Mushrooms

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Great. So you launched the poll, and it's not even possible to vote no to the item drops themselves apart from the pie ingredient?

How come you won't allow us to vote no to the item drops, but only to the woodcutting exp?
The item drops were just as criticised as the EXP rates.

24-Aug-2017 17:43:49

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I like the idea overall, just a few suggestions.

First of all, My main issue is with bittercap mushrooms. There isn't really a use for these. All that comes to mind is brewing, construction, and a few more niche uses. These should be sort of rare, like the mort myre fungi, and you should have a new mushroom/moss as the main drop.

I'd lean towards something like moss, and have it as a repairing item for some sort of new gear. There's a lack of defensive mage armour in lower tiers, so maybe a degradable upgrade is available here. Allow us to weave in the moss to existing armours for more melee defense, and less range defense, or some added prayer bonus. Nothing game changing, just small bonuses. give it sort of a green glow or something when the moss is added.

Just my thoughts.
My Suggestion:
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24-Aug-2017 18:05:45

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Ptolm said:
Mod Wolf said:
Ptolm said:
Will all the spots the mushrooms can grow have monsters near them? Like if I go to cut them as a level 3 will I just get killed no matter where it spawns in the swamp?

You might find difficulties with the swamp area as a level 3 skiller.

That being said, there's things to help negate the area's damage if you're willing to lose a little bit of experience in return.

Thanks for the quick reply. The level 3 skillers that are Ironmen will be glad to hear this.

Bro, level 3 ironman skillers sounds like feminist vegan who is adopting pets

26-Aug-2017 19:20:16



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I think that all of the proposed ideas sounds great (the idea behind counter world hopping is awesome!) HOWEVER, I think that the XP rates are too high. I think that if its something that gives massive XP rates, then it needs to have a paid entry to the dungeon per clear, or take away the profit. This way it requires choice rather than "this gives me the best xp/hr, profit, and instanced/non-crashable training."


28-Aug-2017 15:40:21

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