Fossil Island

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Thouars said:
This update is pure trash do better next time

I moan about bad junk updates when there are junk,
but i really cant agree with you on this update.
Reason is you gotta work to explore and gain xp to get the rewards, you probably just want afk easyscape well unlucky they did good job on this.


07-Sep-2017 12:22:00

Ripa Rawrs
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Ripa Rawrs

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The news post was lacking in information, new items came out and information on them is annoying to find. RIP A Level 2, Accidentally banned july 3rd 2015. Lack of customer service is appalling.

07-Sep-2017 12:29:06

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I am so happy that CB 3's like myself can join this. R.I.P. Final Counts Comp Cape June 5th 2017 10:00 - June 5th 2017 10:30 http://imgur.chom/a/hFIQC (-*)

07-Sep-2017 12:51:56 - Last edited on 07-Sep-2017 15:58:27 by Tommyleini

Stoner Morty
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Stoner Morty

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By the time I got through that HORRIBLE fetch quest I care even less about this stupid place, I hate whoever made that quest and navigation of the boat is complete cancer I can't believe this garbage was added, I didn't see a poll for a crap quest that is annoying to do.

07-Sep-2017 12:57:36

Librarian 42

Librarian 42

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Ultra Compost increases the minimum number of crops when harvested.

Can anyone tell me how many the minimum number will be now?

And is Ultra compost tradeable?
thinks Jagex should honour the results of the original Old School Poll

07-Sep-2017 13:04:14

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