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What kind of level requirements would you say Fossil Island has? I understand you need at least 100 Kudos, but the activities certainly require skill levels. What levels would those be? Is Fossil Island geared more towards a medium range of levels or a high range of levels? Thanks!
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07-Sep-2017 19:16:20

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So, the new quest "Bone Voyage"...I like it, it makes sense to be a minor fetch quest, but good LORD, that last bit with the barge was unresponsive and annoying! Eventually I just set it to the slowest speed and IIRC I made it to Fossil Island then...sometimes, though, it just felt like nothing you do will make the barge go in the correct direction.

Ah, well, it was well worth it! The music is nice, the atmosphere is nice...everything on the island is just nice!

EDIT: how am I supposed to make bird houses, though? I see no material list anywhere...

EDIT2: Figured it out (on accident): Hammer, chisel (?) logs of a type that can be made into a birdhouse, and a clockwork (?!?!?). But now what seeds do I even put in it, it's rejecting all the seeds I'm using! This has quickly turned from excitement to frustration...
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Will there be a Volcanic Mine themed world sometime in the future?
What are the current rate of getting a Herbi pet?
Will there be added a few more Ancient Wyvern spawns sometime soon? It's packed.

Besides that, great update. It's no doubt that you've been putting a lot of effort in the creation of Fossil Island. Keep up the good work. :-)
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07-Sep-2017 21:21:36

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The thieving/agility activity underwater seems to be a bit bugged. (Unless this is intentional)

The chest/clam location can change up to three times within a matter of two seconds. It's rather frustrating.

07-Sep-2017 23:01:44

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