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Thanks for listening to us about the
. As you know already this game heavily depends on the PvM aspect, and making it more lucrative while also maintaining balance for the economy is utmost important.

*But also, we should be looking at ways to improve upon the island in different ways, example being, maybe add a shop that sells some really cool armour? Maybe like a new type of Bone Armour? Just new creative ideas are always good.

Also I've noticed the game has had no real cosmetic items added as of late, maybe simple things as differing shirts, pants, jackets, hoods, capes, boots, gloves, amulets, things of that nature keep the skilling minority happy, as they can also express their style in their own way.

Thanks for all the hard work ! :)

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I thought the gay pride event was an amazing thing. It's showing the players that jagex welcomes everyone, ignoring gay pride during gay pride month would mean that they don't view the hardships on the LGBT community. Gay pride is about celebrating differences and coming together and I think that does have a place in oldschool.

I'm really dissapointed that i didn't make it to the event to grab the tie though. :c

I would have thought the rainbow tie would be in diangos shop but i was dissapointed to find out it wasn't. i thought you said theyre wouldnt be rare items in the game?

08-Sep-2017 16:53:06

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