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Nov Member 2016


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Mining game needs better rewards and xp
Currently it costs alot in supplies for high effort/low xp..
Also a matchmaking system should be set in place.. Like spawning 3 times (depending if 30+ players) direct at one of the mines - because as it is you can just greed your way to better xp

11-Sep-2017 00:01:21

Apr Member 2017


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After you finish the quest, let us travel to the island with one NPC.

Currently you need to board the ship, travel with lead navigator, then travel with junior navigator off the ship again? Why did you make this so complex?

11-Sep-2017 05:14:03



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Put the wyvern tasks together instead of separating them if you're going to do that may aswell separate baby dragons from normal drags ect ect.

Put more ancient wyverns in the cave instead of 2 and a task only and make fossil island useful instead of the boring content it is. (might be just me). Underwater content was absolute garbage and needs to be scrapped.

12-Sep-2017 15:10:17 - Last edited on 12-Sep-2017 15:14:15 by Sabrage

Dead Trigger

Dead Trigger

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This belongs in rs3 not osrs. Terrible update. Mermaid tears should just be renamed as lube. mushroom cutting should just be under farming as shroom picking. Underwater thieving I think that's just called looting...Fs lol...

Need to delete this dead content.

12-Sep-2017 18:42:11

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I think that fossil island, is a complete waste of time. Fossil Island, is directly from ideas on EOC RuneScape in which most of us don't want to see. I don't want to get 99 hunter and then find some 150k+ xp an hour method and find cheap methods to train, that shouldn't be added. Instead of adding worthless non profit-able content, why not FIX zulrah, so the people that put effort into the game are rewarded. Very commonly bosses are nerfed, because the people who know what they are doing, can make money. When all of the people who cannot, just sit there and complain and do nothing. Skilling needs to be a challenge, not made easier and easier for all the complainers. If a 99 is considered an accomplishment, make it one. Why not instead of worrying about Fossil Island, fix the random EVERYDAY DC'S? Fossil Island has way too many flaws, and the biggest one I see is it existing itself.:@ This is the worst update I've ever seen completely. xZul*ahPure

13-Sep-2017 14:12:00

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EliteScaper said:

Well, you'd be wrong about this being RS3 content, since this is an ancient (early 2000s) idea that OSRS is just doing first at long last. It has nothing to do with EoC.

On-topic, I just want to question one thing, myself...why do teak trees take so freaking long to grow? I planted three saplings all around the same time, yet only one has grown fully. Even after four days (more than the 74 hours listed), two of them are stuck in their second-to-last growth stage. If they don't grow when I get home from work today, I'm definitely going to file a bug report...
Oh, I almost forgot.
Oh, I already forgot.

13-Sep-2017 14:32:44

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