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Wasn't the plan with a ranged rework in barbarian assault to allow the use of blowpipe and other weapons such as chins, not to make it a melee only meta, this update would do exactly that.

With the suggested "improvement" you would be removing crystal bow/knives/darts/chins which are all the only viable options for range within the minigame, it would kill variety even more than the blowpipe nerf did

with this update the only ranged weapon usable in barbarian assault will be a magic shortbow, which means solo attack strategies will be unviable for speed runs or races due to the loss of chinchompa's and with the arrows scaling on ranged attack it means void wont be that helpful in the minigame atall?

The suggested improvement will make the minigame much worse for everyone

it would be best if you could seperate this into two questions atleast, as others have mentioned, because the idea of new arrows is a nice one, its just a shame it will come at the price of losing a lot of different aspects to the minigame if it passes, and a lot of us would rather it stay as it is

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