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"using a Ranged attack style is less effective than Magic and Melee" ROFL do you realise how out of touch you guys look right now with Barbarian Assault? It's actually hilarious, the fact that you even include Magic is unbelievable. I'll give you a hint in case you don't get it, the usage of Magic in BA is viewed as nothing but mere trolling by the dedicated Barbarian Assault community. THIS IS YOUR FUCKING GOD DAMN GAME, HOW DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND IT JAGEX?

Ranged was actually the superior combat style before you stuffed blowpipe and you want to fuck it up even further by removing the usage of crystal bow, darts & chinchompas? Did you even bother going into 'Casual Ba' / 'Leech Ba' / 'Ba Services' to ask for our opinion?

Just fucking leave BA alone, you're only gonna fuck it up even further - something Jagex has a habit of doing ever since RS was born. It's like this expression really goes in 1 ear, out the other:
"Don't Fix It If It Ain't Broken"!!!


04-Oct-2017 19:35:11

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