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Is there any way in which you could separate the two aspects of the barbarian assault poll question into two separate questions? One along the lines of should these arrows be put in the game and another about whether only weapons that directly use arrows will be usable at BA. Obviously I would prefer it if the second part of the question wasn't added to the poll at all. However if you feel like you must add it, the two parts should at least be separate questions.

At the moment, even though the idea for the arrows seems like a good one, I would vote no because other ranged weapons that don't use arrows are needed at higher level BA. An example I could give is chinchompas. Chinchompas are actually vital for rounds in which there are two healers and only one attack. Getting rid of them from BA would completely remove this way of playing the minigame. This is because it will be impossible for a solo attack to keep up with two healers. Duo heal rounds are actually some of the rounds with the highest skill cap and provide the most variety out of any form of BA.

Its a shame that by pairing the two parts of the question together, you're forcing people to vote in a way that they wouldn't have voted had the two parts of the question been separated.

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