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Oct Member 2016


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If you want to update ranged in Barbarian Assault, you need to give us a method that is comparable in dps to using chinchompas now or using blowpipe before it was nerfed. Currently after you have removed blowpipe, chinchompas and rune knives are our last hope of using ranged effectively. We can't confidently vote yes on this poll unless we know for sure there will be a bow that equals the dps of blowpipe/chins.

One of the reasons blowpipe was so good is the attack speed. It had decently high hits with 99 range and the +5 damage bonus from level 5 attacker made it have consistently high dps. Most decent bows have a terrible attack speed of 5, and will probably be very slow compared to our current and previous options.

Here's what I propose. If you want to stick to arrows only, rework this poll question to feature a new bow that will be available as a reward from Barbarian Assault. This bow should have an attack speed of 7 and a decently high ranged bonus making it comparable to blowpipe dps before the nerf. If you don't do this, suddenly we are going to be able to choose between magic shortbow, 3rd age bow or twisted bow for using range, and it will probably still be worse than blowpipe or chins were.

If you don't care about sticking to arrows, find another way to get other ranged methods to be usable in Barbarian Assault without it being considered a "glitch". This is probably the easiest way to go about it while pissing the least amount of people off.

If you need help making sure any new options are viable, you can always ask for feedback from people who play Barbarian Assault regularly. We would be able to tell you right away whether or not something is good for an update or not.

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Ab e
Sep Gold Premier Club Member 2015

Ab e

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Please separate the Barbarian assault question into 2 different questions. The new arrows sound decent but we don't want them at a cost of being limited to only using magic short bow inside of ba. Everybody who plays ba everyday wants to still be able to use knives, chins, crystal bow, etc. there are many uses for these inside of ba. For example chins are used for a solo attacker to be able to kill the rangers/fighters by themselves so that the team can use 2 healers instead to quicken the rounds. Could you consider making a new type of range ammo other than arrows, so that knives, chins, etc. can be an intended mechanic allowed in barbarian assault?
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04-Oct-2017 21:09:33

Drop Trou
Dec Member 2016

Drop Trou

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Regarding the BA question, please don't force us to use the magic shortbow, it is a really slow boring weapon that no one in the BA community wants to use. Instead of "bullet arrows" for example why not "bullet ammunition" that can work with any ranged weapon. It may be a more difficult and time consuming thing to code but it will be better for the future of the minigame.

04-Oct-2017 21:32:46

Sep Member 2015


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Dear Mods,
I want this to come off as calm and reasonable as possible. This is not a complaint, I am just asking for your attention & response if possible.

Range is not sub part to melee and magic.. We believed you were fully aware that range with chins and knives is our best option every since hearing our feedback from the blowpipe removal.. Yet we feel this poll is worded in a way that makes people who don't actually know barbarian assault feel like they're helping the game out by voting yes. PLEASE don't do this to our game, it means so much to so many people and it is being destroyed.

We were told that there would be a solution for our complaints about the blowpipes, but this is the farthest thing from a solution. Please hear us out and understand our concern. Your solution would be fine, but it still limits us to weapons that will have no efficient use in BA what so ever. Here is a possible solution that is very similar to what you've proposed, but still keeps the hundreds of us happy.

New Ammunition from attack dispenser:

-Bullet Ammo
-Field Ammo
-Blunt Ammo
-Barbed Ammo

This would simply work with all range weapons that use Ammunition.
Yes, "range weapons that use ammunition" - Meaning chins would not work, but the blowpipe would (since it uses ammo). Although we love our chins, this considers the "bug abuse" aspect of why changes are being made in the first place. I feel this is a very fair compromise, and very small change to the proposed update.

Please hear us out. We know Barbarian Assault is not your biggest concern, and you're all very busy with other things, but please understand that BA is our biggest concern - and for some, our only concern.

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Rick Grimes
Dec Gold Premier Club Member 2014

Rick Grimes

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Funny how the BA update isn't separated into two questions, almost as if Jagex has intended for everyone outside the BA community to vote yes to the question. It's even worded to sound like an upgrade or buff to ranging in the mini-game when in reality its quite the opposite. Separate the question into two parts please: 1. Should new arrows be added. 2. Should other range weapons that do not use ammunition be removed.

Once again I thought we were done with combining two topics into the same poll question (it confuses the noobs).
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04-Oct-2017 21:54:10

Apr Member 2017


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This is truly disappointing. I cannot believe the people working on this are so bad at communicating with the communities that they are viciously stabbing at.

You are making changes that nobody wants. Nobody. You will not be making range viable with this change. You will be KILLING the ranged methods that are still viable; chins and knives. Magic shortbow with these new arrows will not beat knives in damage and absolutely not even come close to chins. It's a horrible and uncalled change that I franky think is absurd to poll to the general public.

I have no clue why you are letting the general public vote on a poll question that only concerns a very very small part of the runescape playerbase. Personally I'd like if there was a restriction that made it so only players will at least 50/100+ high gambles could vote. Those are people that at least play the minigame. You're catering to people that go in, get their torso in a couple hours and never ever visit the minigame again.

I feel so frustrated right now. We, the actual players this is affecting, voiced our opinions during the last change to BA and you didn't listen then, you will not listen now. You will probably let this be polled as is and the common man will vote this through because they don't know better.

It's sad honestly. Please don't kill the game we love. I think iTaste has a fair suggestion that would make everyone fairly pleased.

04-Oct-2017 21:59:04

Eric Brad
Mar Member 2015

Eric Brad

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this update only hurts the Barbarian Assault speed community, this does nothing to slow down leechers. it doesn't make elites come into the game any faster. it costs around 100k - 200k in knives and chins to make Queen. in no way is this overpowered for bringing money into the game.

it only hurts the people that love one of the last active minigames....

hopefully, Jagex and the rest of the rs community will see our message.

04-Oct-2017 22:00:34

Going in Raw
Mar Member 2018

Going in Raw

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FRET NOT -- as long as the arrows are as strong as dragon arrows, attacking with range will ... still be worse than melee. Which isn't to mention that the arrows won't be

it's a shame that Jagex has taken this stance on ranged attacking. I don't disagree that it is a bug, but it's a mostly harmless, decade old one being used by a handful of people in the BA community to have clean, competitive fun. The best thing you could do is to undo the changes to toxic blowpipe; barring that, add the new arrows and leave everything else as is

04-Oct-2017 22:14:09

Feb Gold Premier Club Member 2013


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I disagree with the proposed BA update.

Bows being viable would be cool. This part of the proposal is fine.

The removal of other ranged weapons from BA is a mistake. Being able to use non-bows by having the correct arrows equipped doesn't make a whole lot of sense in-universe, but gameplay-wise, it adds a great deal of depth to the BA experience.

04-Oct-2017 23:27:39

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