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Feb Member 2017


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I really hope the helm buff passes as venom was one of my favorite tools to use for slayer. I know some people still want strength buffs or other buffs for the serp helm but I personally loved the option it gave you to pull aggro from a lot of monsters to have them die for free basically. I feel like this buff addresses how that was overpowered for gwd while still having venom be viable for slayer. It has my support.

05-Oct-2017 01:29:34

Jan Member 2017


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This BA rework is completely ridiculous and will kill the ranged method. First of all you suggest the damage of the new ammo scale off the ranged attack bonus from your equipment. This will make void completely useless and harm a lot of BA players. Secondly you want to kill the only effective range way: knives and chins. This is actually very well balanced because of how expensvie it is to do. First blowpipe and now this… Shame on you

05-Oct-2017 02:05:19

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Really looking forward to a lot of these changes. Some suggestions though:

Change the Ahrims staff to autocast ancients. Would be a nice step up from the ancient staff that everyone with low budgets uses currently.

Give back the serpentine helms old ability of venoming npc's that attacked a player wielding it but at a far lower chance 1/10 or 1/20 maybe? Or possibly give it the old stats but only inflict poison damage as that won't kill most monsters such as the gwd bosses minions.

Im not a fan of having 1 use/1 kill items such as the salt bags/ice coolers. Could we change the thrown rock hammer to acting like ranged ammunition where it has a chance of going onto the floor and also being affected by the avas devices so players don't need to worry about picking them up constantly?

05-Oct-2017 03:52:50

Oct Member 2014


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I don't usually like updates and would prefer they happened way less, but lots of these look very reasonable and don't devalue anything. Special shout out to the ranged shields and zeah quest / teleport suggestions, I think these are well designed and are appropriate. They shouldn't devalue godbooks either since godbooks have slightly higher offensive stats. The BA community do not seem keen on removing ranged from BA, and I've heard some Ironmen say that BGS change will make Corp waaaay easier to solo so I'm not sure about those two.

05-Oct-2017 06:01:36

Apr Gold Premier Club Member 2017


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Finish ardy elite 1 week ago.
Finish the questcape before that to get a teleport close the the farm patch.
For me its little to late to change the the lower capes on ardy dairy
Rugged PvM

DWH on 65KC

05-Oct-2017 06:39:12

Casey Hinton
May Member 2018

Casey Hinton

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This update seems to be very exciting. The old school team is most definitely making correct choices and viewing all ways on how to go about it for the community. Keep up the great work osrs team, we appreciate it!

05-Oct-2017 07:22:02 - Last edited on 05-Oct-2017 07:23:09 by Casey Hinton

Sir Woden
Dec Member 2015

Sir Woden

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I am a huge diary guy, and it was really odd to me that the ardy cloak goes 1 - 1 - 1 - infinite tele's to allotment. I totally support the diary improvement! 1 teleport is really unusable, 3 is manageable.
Also, as a QPC holder, bring on the quests. :)
As someone who has kept up with zeah content as it has been released, it kind of feels like the minecarts, tele unlocks, and xeric's talisman I worked to unlock before Zeah was easier to complete are being further cheapened. Zeah unlocks very useful things, and is worth the rewards; pisc is the only house that needs a little help with favor gain.

05-Oct-2017 07:57:45

Feb Gold Premier Club Member 2010


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Morning jmods or lack of today they all hiding cos of how they totally messing up BA.
Im not a BA fan but i understand they have there own community which ASH and his cretins are determined to destroy.
Just leave BA alone.
Also we back giving in to easyscape again, why all of a sudden you planning on giving more teles for the diaries. Maybe they should work harder on there levels and then get the rewards and maybe you should leave diaries alone.
Now priffydis oops zeah you call it on 07, who thought this dumb idea up we have all the teles we need with the amulet so why you wasting your time on something so worthless, maybe you be better served using your time on something interesting and worthwhile that actually benefits 07 not add something that we already have.
Is this what 07 developers how come too failed stuff and copying dead content from rs3 and bringing it to 07 cos you cant think of anything original
These are really sad days for us veterans of rs and tbh the whole community.


05-Oct-2017 10:20:21

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