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BGS TOO OP maybe 60% would do the job or 55% even. Why would and item that common come in and break the balance of the 1/5000 Dragon Warhammer? Otherwise I'd doubt it will pass the poll.

CONSIDER DWH PLEASE. Also you can lower BGS's spec effect in order to not break the balance.

09-Oct-2017 18:32:49 - Last edited on 09-Oct-2017 18:34:41 by Jumonji

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Just release the poll the Bandos Godsword honestly needs a little bit of a buff anyway however I would consider buffing the dragon Warhammer a little bit sometime also. Like maybe double the accuracy of the special or do what the other guy said and make lower defence at least 50 levels if that's greater then 30%.

09-Oct-2017 23:52:49

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"we will be resolving this by preventing the usage of any ranged weapons that do not utilise an ammunition slot on the character interface such as Throwing Knives, Darts and Chinchompas"

Will you guys also prevent players from using the Crystal Bow?

its weak and just has slightly longer range. Please don't disable its usage

10-Oct-2017 07:58:27

Deadly Ninja
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Deadly Ninja

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I believe the Bandos Godsword buff would greatly devalue the Dragon Warhammer due to having the same effects.
The BGS is very plentiful in the market while the Dragon Warhammer is super are to have.
I feel this would be an unfair update to the people who obtained DWHs through so much hard work, just to be crushed by this single update.

10-Oct-2017 08:01:35



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Leaf-bladed battleaxe has been more practical for killing turoths/kurasks. I am less likely to 4-hit a kurask with a leaf-bladed sword, while i am more likely 3-hit a kurask, with a leaf-bladed battleaxe. Yes theoretically Leaf-bladed sword has more dps, but only if vast majority of attacks hit the target hard. But max hits with sword are very low in comparison. With this 17,5% damage boost, you can sometimes even 2-hit a kurask which is unbelieveable. (I am assuming that damage boost stacks with slayer helmet)

10-Oct-2017 17:05:21

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Runescape has always associated fletching with shaping logs and crafting with d'hide clothing. Seems right to me that you'd make the shield with fletching and add the d'hides with crafting.

11-Oct-2017 01:16:06

Warrior X-90

Warrior X-90

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Wooden shields shouldn't have negative melee stats, IMO. For magic also, unless you plan on adding separate magic shields You play RuneScape for 50 hours. You lose consciousness. As your limp body is falling towards the ground, your head hits the sharp corner of your table and leaves a deep wound. You're too weak to stand up or call for help. You bleed to death within minutes. Oh dear... you're dead.

11-Oct-2017 09:28:59

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