Fossil Island Improvements

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I think it better to give more information in the blog so that we know what we're actually voting for.

What sort of experience rates will we be looking at for all these changes? If you get to choose the amount of experience in the Underwater Thieving / Agility content, what rates are we going to get?

Birdhouses are underused content because they were a bad idea from their conception. By the time you have the kudos to get to Fossil Island, there's probably a good chance that people have already gotten a higher Hunter level than what the birdhouses are aimed at.
Secondly, turning Hunter into Farming just doesn't seem like a good idea to many. Taking 2 minutes to set something up and then coming back an hour later to collect a load of XP does not make for good content. I think it best to leave farming as the only skill with that particular niche.

Wyverns - could potentially be a good idea to move a small amount of the loot from Skeletals onto the higher-levelled ones as well. Even if you make them easier to kill, it's still more profitable to kill the lower levelled ones. Even just shifting 1 or 2 drops from Skeletals to the Fossil ones could make the latter slightly more desirable to kill. And well, with how long Skeletals have been camped for, it's quite clear that what they offer is far too good for such a low Slayer requirement.
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06-Nov-2017 17:51:16

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