Fossil Island Improvements

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Fossil Island is currently well balanced. I keep hearing uneducated players talk about how Fossil Island is all dead content, yet the statistics show that xp-wise, most of the training methods are viable. I believe the lack of popularity is due to ignorance more than it actually being dead content.

I will not be voting for the unclear changes, particularly the Thieving/Agility activity. From what I could see, the activity was close in efficiency to training the skills separately and does not need a buff (one video demonstrated that it was possible to get 120% or 1.2x efficient hours doing it... I don't want to think about what it could be after it is tampered with further). I will vote No to devaluing Agility until xp rates are made clear.

Many of these changes aren't very clear and I won't vote for overpowered content creeping into the game only for it to be impossible to get rid of because nobody votes to make the game harder. I voted for Nightmare Zone back in 2013. Never again.

Just nerf Skeletal Wyverns (cut their profit down by around 30%) and buff Ancient Wyverns to be near what Skeletal Wyverns have been (about 10% less than what Skeletal Wyverns are right now). When every world is crammed with mid levels AFKing at Skeletal Wyverns and this phenomenon is never witnessed with any other Slayer monster, it is objective proof it has to be nerfed.

You already did it to Zulrah. NMZ, Skeletal Wyverns, Splashing... it's all the same crap, get rid of it all.
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